How to grow strong natural nails....??


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Kat's Claws

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Nov 30, 2003
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I have been considering getting gel or acrylic nail enhancements, but upon reflection I'm facing a rather major consideration.......I have ski slope nails that are really turning upwards and they grow fast, as Geeg explained I would have to remove the enhancement every 2-3 months. Which is not a viable solution for me.

What nail regime should I follow to maximise strengh and growth. Of course I'll be using the solar products and CND treatments.

I would also like to know if I could just use one light coat of gel on my natural nails without build up at the appex, that could be applied like a simple nail polish and cure it with UV, to ensure a maximum nail polish life? Obviously it won't alter the shape of my nails but I don't see other alternatives to that situation, other than accepting the shape of my nails, which are healthy anyway.

Any advise will be welcome

Hey Kat. It depends on the severity of the Ski Jump.
Gel and Fibreglass usually isnt the best option for Ski Jump nails. I would still go for L&P. If your nails are not to up-turned you may be able to get away without replacing them as frequently.

Remember that dermatologist recommend to keep your nails coated to keep them healthy ;)
I measured from the base at the cuticles the angle it slopes at and I'm getting 15 degrees of sloping!!! :rolleyes:

Is that a ski jump worthy of notice???? ;)

Sorry for asking but what does L & P stand for? ;)

I left my protractor in my other pants :lol:

Not sure on that. I would at least give it a go :)
Ok! what maximum lengh of the tip of the natural nail underneath the enhancement can it stand before removing the enhancement and start a new one? My nail grows fast and would like to have a ball park on how long could I just refill it. :)
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