How to rebalance fabric


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Oct 29, 2003
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Poole, Dorset
I have the instructions to complete a set of fabric enhancements but not for the rebalance, one asumes it is the same process however I would rather get it correct first time.

Am i correct in thinking that you would buff the 3 zones down smooth out any lifts then use scrub fresh to clean and prep push cuticles back and normal prep, then apply bond, more than white, then build, obviously this is if fabric strip is not required, perhaps 2x build then buff, then boost x 2 and buff and shine?

I am eager to understand this as would like to try it out on my little fabric nails before I tourture any one else.

Cheers buddies
grace x
Yes me too? Please can someone advise
Email me at [email protected] and I will send you the full Fabric# rebalance instructions.. But be quick, I leave for South Africa tomorrow for 31/2 weeks!!
sawasdee ka geeg

Who will take care all our question when you in africa :rolleyes: ruth will need holiday when you come back ka :)

Mui ka
You make me laugh Mui!! Come to that you make us all laugh. We are like the Thai people!! The geek site is the site of smiles!!
Well I might surprise you and just pop into an internet café or 2 on my travels!! Just to see if you are all being good!
hi gigi i hope you have a fantastic time make sure you take some lovely pictures to show us!!
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