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Jun 11, 2007
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in the night garden
Hi I suffer with SAD

It's really kicking in today, I thought I was going to be lucky this year and not get it.

I do have a light box and I try to eat healthy and take a B supplement but today I feel quite low and didnt want to get out out of bed this morning. Have no energy, Just no self esteem.

Does any one else suffer from SAD and if so have they found anything that has helped them.

I don't want to take antidepressents as sometimes I feel as bad on them.

I also go to the gym but havent been able to go for 3 weeks as I have had Bronchitis

Isnt it amazing what the change in weather can do to you.

I know how you feel and I'm sure that you feel worse because you have bronchitis. I found that the light box didn't work for me we have to try everything eh?

Take it easy and try to focus on getting well again physically.
poor you hun...i have just been reading up on it and your doing all you can....so i found you a sad forum....hope these other people can help you huni and you will have someone to talk to who knows what you are going through xxx
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I'm disappointed that the SAD box doesn't work as I was going to invest in one this year.

What helps me is St Johns Wort tincture (from Boots)but it takes 6 weeks to really kick in, so start taking it now.
Also going on an old fashioned sunbed where you have to lie on it for a set time - not the stand up microwave ones for 2 mins.

Apart from that, you are doing everything that I do.
I feel exactly the same at the minute, I feel sorry for my clients!!!!
Last Saturday, I went to bed at 10pm cus the day was lasting to long!!!!!

We need some autumn sunshine with frosty mornings, they always make me feel better!!!

Roll on next summer!

why not give Seratone 5htp a try, it helped me this winter as i suffer from sad too.

deb x
You have to force yourself to get outside into the light.We have had some bright days,well where i am,and i must say i have been consciously getting out in them or at least sitting or even laying on the floor like sunbathing ,in my conservatory and i am not feeling too bad at the mo but i could honestly hibernate i usually feel dreadful from november to end of feb..i think its cause im a fire sign leo and need my heat and light.

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