I didn't realise you were furry!!


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Jan 12, 2004
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Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Oh my goodness, I just had to share a story with you about my kids..

I took my two kids to the cinema (6 year old son and 4 year old girl), we had just got settled when one of them piped up that they needed a wee, so of course the other one then needed a wee too, so off we trotted to the ladies loos..

One in one cubicle the other in another with me waiting outside, when they had both done I asked them to come into a cubicle with me so that I could go myself, they both complained but I won't leave them outside where I cannot see them or get to them if they need me and the toilets were jam packed...was just finishing my tinkle and reaching for the toilet paper stood up and my son shouts 'Oh Mum, I didn't realise you were furry, Willow cover your eyes!'

I could hear the laughs in the other 15 or so cubicles all around me and was lost for words, just did not know what to say to him so stupidly said
'It's keeping Mummys bum warm' I'm still chuckling now and am going to remember this for when future girlfriends come for tea..

What little fibs have you told your kids to get out of an awkward situation or question?

The very furry Samantha x

My son once asked why did I and his dad have 'bottom beards' !!

His Dad also told him that if he played with his willy too much it would fall off just like Mummy's did !!

His Dad also told him that if he played with his willy too much it would fall off just like Mummy's did !!
I have also told my kids this... keep playing with it and it will pack its bags and leave then you wil be a girl..

Also when the kids have been up to brush their teeth.. (30 secs later) they come down saying they have done them.. I tell them to stop lying cos I only heard clean water running down the pipe not dirty..:lol::lol: always works.. my 13yr old still asks if its true..:eek:
similar thing happened to me, in a campsite washroom.
my 3 yr old daughter said loudly
'mummy, youve got a furry bottom havent you'
i reply 'yes, yours will be like that when you grow up. anyway keep your voice down, dont tell everyone'
chloe replies 'why, will they all want one?'

shes 20 now, but i still remember it word for word.
that made me laff

only thing i come up with was with my daughter (now aged 29)

my aunt asked her "so what do they call the kids in your class" duaghter replied

Furry ....:lol:

I have so many of these...here is one i posted in my blog a while back...

I have got to stop calling rob a knob head..... its done in a very affectionate way...not nasty...and i have done it for years....but Amber (7) asked me the other day ..."whats a knob head ?"....i was taken aback and just said "well its a head that looks like a .....(then she interrupted with "whats a knob")....without thinking i just said.........."its a vegtable"....

why on earth did i say that !!!.....you just know she is at some point going to ask someone if they like knobs....or if they have had knobs for dinner..........

so to try and solve this little problem i have started to call rob...carrot head .. and potato head....sticking with the vegetable theme but hopefully she will forget all about knobs.

to be honest i have been calling him this for so long i didn't even think the kids noticed....HOW WRONG WAS I........

bad mother !!!...(but it was funny)

more recently....Ria my eldest (12) came home from playing out last week saying she saw a man who had lost his phone...she said he was driving a white van and shouting out the window..."anyone seen my phone"....i thought this was a little odd so quizzed her some more.....it turned out to be a rag and bone man :lol:....she had obviously miss heard him...PMSL:lol:
my son brodie is 2yrs and 8mths and he never shuts up....lol.....he has got a swearing thing going on just now

the other day he was playing with his trains and his daddy asked him where thomas was to which he replied quite the thing....f*ck knows daddy :eek: .....we both nearly fell off the couch party in shock and partly trying to stop ourselves laughing

then tonight he proudly told me he had just done a sh*te :eek:

we do try not to swear infront of him so it just shows you they will pick it up even if it only slips out occassionally from us

on a milder note he was looking at photo's of himself at my mums house the other day and he was saying things like ...oh look theres baby brodie sleeping.....oh look theres brodie playing with his toys.....he then turned to my mum and said....nana sure i am just gorgeous.......lol

Paul, my oh, took to calling the kids Richard cranium when they did something daft, up until he laughingly said it to Karl aged about 6 and Kay aged 4 rolled her eyes, teenager style and said, Honestly dad why not just say **** head like everyone else, its not as if we don't know what it means.
I love the things kids say:lol:
:green: ROFL!

Kids have the BEST one liners!!!

i did lie to mine quite alot like when the ice cream van plays its tune its means hes ran out of ice cream!!!!
One of my sons friends mums asked my son what i did as a job. One day when i met her she told me that he had said '' i dont know, but people come to our house and she does things to them with her hands:eek:

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