i know this is stupid. but


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Feb 2, 2003
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dorset england
i no this seams a bit stupid :oops: :huh: . but does anyone else have problems doing acrylic overlays when they want them medium length(Half the length of their nail plate)or longer.i just cant seem to get the shape right .from the side angle the nail looks a weird shape :shock: also cant get the apex in the right place :( .its probably just me :( .or does anyone else have this problem. i usually only do short extensions but i have a lady on monday who wants them about long (3/4 of her nailbed) :gun: :twisted: . i have told her that they will be too long and lift and break. but she had them this long before with no problems from another tech. :? please any advice would be grateful. i have been praticesing on my nail trainer but each one is getting worse and im starting to panic and feel :pukeoff: . why the heck cant i do it.arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :x .i dont want to loose this lady as she would be a very loyal client :)
also when you look down the barrel of a salon nail are you supposed to see the height bit of the apex or nothing. :rolleyes: :shock:
There is no such thing as a stupid question! If you don't know, you have to ask!!! That is the only way you will find out! I personally don't have an anwser for you, as I don't have any requests for nails this long, but I am sure there will be someone here that can help you out! Don't ever hesitate to ask any questions you have. We are all here to help each other out! To teach and to learn!!! Best of luck to you!
Hi Nicola,

Your questions are not stupid - far from it - so here goes ...

First the easy question.

When you look down the barrel of the nail at the free edge. Product in Zone 1 (the white) should look just like a 'cresent moon' - in other words, thin at the sides building to a middle point and then tapering off again. This is acheived by placing your bead - pressing the bead out and up into the corners to form your 'smile', and then always finishing off by stroking from the sides to the center and keeping the 'flat' side of your brush always facing the 'curve of the nail. This encourages the product to stay thin at the sides and to build in the centre. This zone should not be thick in any sense though; it definitely makes it difficult to get a nice shape from the side view if you work with too much product in zone 1. :(

Ok - the apex or zone2 (stress area). (on a medium length nail)

Don't think you have to add massive amounts of product here to build some huge sort of apex! The bead of product only needs to be slightly larger than your zone one bead. Again place the bead and press out to the side and smooth back to the middle before pressing out to the other side and smoothing back towards the middle. The thing that will make it the most difficult for you to acheive a nice shape is by working with too much product in zone2 and leaving a large ridge before zone 3 (The cuticle area). My rule to students is, never make your zone 2 bead cover more than half the nailplate. This leaves you lots of room for the zone 3 bead to be applied and nicely smoothed into zone 2. Does this make sense??

Better still, come to Olympia and we'll show you on the Creative stand. A good chance to have a free class with some of the worlds top technicians. Don't be afraid to step right up and ask. That is what we are there for on the demo booth and you can watch and learn for as long as you want.

There are many application techniques and many ways to acheive the perfect nails - I have just told you mine. ;)
i thought the answer would be easy to rectify but just couldnt get it :(
that has helped i was putting a massive ball in zone 2 :oops: thinking it would need a lot more strength.and getting a huge ledge.!!! not a good look. im going to olympia so i will come and see you.i have also just booked a on a creative conversion :D .but that is a few weeks away :(

thanks nicola

i will be the one with the masssive nails with a huge apex. that has got someone carrying my nails for me because they are so heavy to carry by myself hee hee :tongue:
Nicola you are funny :p

Who are you doing your Creative conversion with or where are you attending the course?

We'll sort you out - watch the demo of the ambassador carefully and don't be afraid to ask questions. We LOVE questions ;)

You'll do just fine.
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