I want to go red! Help!


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Oct 29, 2010
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Upstate, SC
Hey, guys.
I'm new here. Glad to have come across this site.

Naturally, I am brunette. I recently got VERY heavy highlights in my hair... very few underneath, but I didn't want the black under and white on top (you know the look...). I love the way my hair is now, but it's beginning to break off from the bleach (V-Light) so I don't want to keep getting it bleached. My roots are starting to show a bit now, so I need to decide something quick.

I originally wanted to lighten my hair so that I could go red. We tried to do red on my hair before when it was dark and it turned that weird purple-y red that I hate. I want more natural red.

What should I do?

Want this:

Have this:
long have you been a hair pro?
Prepig with 8rc an no or low vol..maybe 3%
process with 6r and 7c min 6%
wash and glaze with 00crystal clear demi

done:green: and good luck
Oh and..... if you are wanting the dark underneath to blend, you will have to bleachbath to an underlying pigment of red/orange, and just blend.Mix two formulas to prevent whitening out the regrowth.
are u a hairdresser? or a consumer query? x
hairsquare you've made giggle :lol: very technical lingo ,.....

i wouldn't even attempt it if your not a trained hair pro!! x
aw I think it looks nice now :\
Definitely not a pro. And I would never attempt to do my own hair. Just googled for some help and you guys popped up. =o]

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