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Sep 20, 2007
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hi everyone,

I go to a famous gardens to teach Lotions and Potions a few times a year. I'm due to go back in a few weeks time, and although I have done some fab recipes, I know that their will be some familar faces (the same people come back each time), so I know I can't repeat anything that I've already done.

So far I have taught:

* bath salts
* bath bombs
* eye gels
* spot cream
* lip balms
* room spritzers
* pulse points
* bath tea-bags
* body scrubs (salt and sugar)

Now they want to do something with a christmas-vibe to it, so thought I would do a MULLED WINE/CHRISTMAS SPICE theme.

Thought I would do a mulled wine foot soak, mulled wine tea bags and I need one more thing.

any suggestions, gratefully received.
What about face masks? Orange/chocolate/brandy/whisky, either seperately or together. Ooh a Brandy butter type mask. Pine (tree not toilet)scent foot soak. What about a cinamon foot/hand soak/scrub? CInamon is good for the blood circulation. oooh ooh, chocolate orange and chili soak. hth
oooooh, love the idea of using chilli!!!!

don't want to do masks as its for them to make up and package for christmas, so tend to do dry ingredients only.

also, got to think about how I'm going to package the products as that is usually what costs a lot of money.

I have a budget of £1 per person, so want to make 2 to 3 products with them. If I have to spend 60p on a jar to put wet products in, it doesn't leave much for everything else.

I have some empty teabags, so can use dry ingredients to fill them for bathbags.

Have cellophane already so can make cones for dried ingredients to go in.

As soon as you add liquid it complicates the packaging, which puts on the costs.

Def like the chilli and choc idea.Just bought some chocolate fragrance oil and with coocoa powder and dried chilli flakes, onto a winner. Yummy foot soak.

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