I'm now a registered business - any advice to share?


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Nov 4, 2007
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i have just registered my buisness today so now the fun will begin?
now im officialy self employed and have no one to answer to but my self, im a mobile beauty therapist and nail tech so if of you geeks have any good info and advice for me i will be very gratefull.
great news hun.....WELL DONE YOU .....

patience is the words of wisdom i can give you!!!!!....
just take each day as it comes ...you will be brill anyway xx:green:

Offer the best service that you can. Enjoy your work. Always look the part.

Advertise everywhere

hope it works out for you
Go on the small business days run by your local tax office that tell you all about book keeping expenses and all you need to know about what the inland revenue will be expecting from you.
Keep good books straight away and doing your own tax is easy,you can do it online.Let it all build up and its a pain in the backside.
thanks all
they said they will get someone to call me about the free training on self assesment in my area.

Just wondered if you have a website?

I just signed up for a yell.com weblink and I got a client from it before I even knew it had gone live!

The yell weblink is £360 + vat for one year :)
well i did type in my domaine name but its changed see told ya i dont no what im doing lol x
I would recommend you find someone to set it up for you :)

When you search for something on yell.com, how cool is it that you can click on a link and get straight to the company's website ?
I have been with 1and1.co.uk for my website and my domain year for over a year now and although it is hard work setting your own website up, it is a cheap option, and people compliment me on my website.

I would recommend it!
my friend is going to help me with it but i aint got round to doing it yet, xxxxxxxxxxxx
Join the freelance Hair and Beauty Federation , they have a website and are the nearest thing to a union hair and beauty pros will ever get. Advetise with the yellow pages they can provide a link to a website for a small extra charge ( you can design your own website with the FHBF federation for £35 ) the website isnt that good but the info and magazines ,training etc is supposed to be good
thanks girls for all your info xxxxxxxxxxxx

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