I'm still alive and I have piccies!


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Jan 9, 2003
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Hi everyone!

I'm still around....I've been lurking and reading; just not alot to say I guess! LOL Been pretty busy at home with baby and also been feeling quite under the weather since.....

I am pregnant again! LOL I'm expecting May 2nd. And it was actually planned. Yes, I am insane! LOL

Just wanted to post some recent piccies of Ben from Halloween and from his first haircut today. Ben is 8 months old today (11/7).


Ok, back to lurk mode!
He's sooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did he enjoy the hair salon?

MASSIVE congrats too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Patti, we're missing ya but glad little Ben is looking sooooo cute - what a little man!!!! Wow prego again...you will have your hands full but also, you get everything out of the way too if you have little girl! 8) There is 7 years between mine so it was back to basics :shock: but either way, it's worth it all!!! ;) :sunny: Take good care of yourself and say hi when you can x :salute:
Hi Patti
Wow he has grown so fast I cant beleive it was 8mths ago you was telling us all about him......he is so cute.
Oh and another baby on the way also oh that will be so brill the age gap is brilliant as long as you have the energy :shock:
You take care and get loads or rest while you can babe.
Take care love and hugs to all
Dawnie xxxxxxxxxxx
he is soooo cute and congratulations on the pregnancy :D :D
Patti! You dark horse, you!! Ya kept that quiet in your last email ;)

Congrats to you and David - are you hoping for a sister for Ben? By the way - the pics of him are gorgeous.

Speak soon and take care of yourself

Well aint he a cutie..................he looks so grown up...............
The pumkin outfit made me giggle, bless xxxxxxxxx
They grow up so fast..............
I know mine did, and now they have and are having baby's themselfs......

So again huge hugg and congrats, brill news and I love good news....
love Ruth xxxxxxx
Thank you so much everyone for all your kind words and well wishes!!

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