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Sep 10, 2008
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Greater Manchester
Hi all,

As the title says I'm really in need of some proper honest advice about the rent/commission I'm paying at the salon where I work.

I've been there since August last year mainly doing lash and brow treatments, I was always under the impression that I would be getting my own room (at the moment me and the owner share, she mainly focuses on nails) but she has since decided that she is turning the other free room into a facial/massage room for when she gets dermalogica in.

I'm currently paying her 50% of my earning as we share products, but now I'm thinking this is a bit much =/ I think something along the lines of 20% would be fairer if I bought my own products. I would also like to actually have my own room.

So what I'm really asking is what would you do and do you think this is fair? x
Hi, I'm a salon owner but don't have any "renters" but i'll give you my opinion as an owner.
Is the owner paying for all of the products? If yes then 50% is not unreasonable providing that you can come and go as you please, all other expenses are incorporated (ie electric, water, no other form or rent etc) have you had to provide anything yourself? Like furniture for instance? If no then 50% is still not unreasonable.
Will this new room change be taking business away from you? If yes then you have grounds for renegotiating your rent. Is this room currently useable or is it in need of decorating? Have you asked about making it solely your own room an doing it up providing own equipment and products, then you can negotiate your rent although even if you provide everything you're not likely to find anyone that will rent for 20% maybe 25/30 if you provide literally everything. Do you share clients?
Sorry for all the questions but I think if all you have to do is turn up for work and pay your rent then 50% is a good rate. I have seen some salons that provide everything wanting 60/40 or sometimes even 70/30. Hope that helps xx
I agree with the above, but I would ask if you could start going it alone... Ie buy ur own products and pay her a set rate every day or week.

I think profit share is fab for starting out, but also bare in mind how much u would need to start up buying ur products etc... U'd prob be out of pocket in the short term but obviously long term it is better for u to keep 100% of ur profit and pay x amount rent.

Good luck cc
Thanks for the advice ladies =] yeah she does provide everything and we do share clients yeah. Tbh I'd rather pay 30% to her and buy my own products as I'm not really making tons at the moment.

I'll discuss it with her when I'm next in =]

Again, thank you x

p.s. sorry for the late reply, internet has been down :rolleyes:

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