In the night garden - love it or hate it??


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Oct 28, 2005
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Have you seen In the night garden on cbeebies?
Are your kids driving you mad watching it?

My youngest is 3 a couple of days before christmas and we thought we'd get her some of the toys now being sold from the show for it.

Well if I'm going to get anything I will have to be quick because they are selling out fast and are meant to be the popular toy for christmas.
Even ebay is selling them for twice the price!!

So be warned if your childs into it buy it when you see it before it's out of stock or twice the price.:rolleyes:
Yea, my little girl is obsessed by it.....its a bit surreal though isnt it!? :eek:I think the writers must be on something!:lol:
Its a totally bizzare programme but my little girl loves it, her fav is Maka Paka.:eek:
love it love it!!!

my 3 year old is crazy about it! iggle piggle is his fave!!

we also do it

big thumbs up from me! x

also just to add tesco have loads of in the night garden sons got an iggle piggle
yes my daughter loves upsy daisy

just to say tesco have loads of stuff in and so do toys r us, she had handfulls of them today asking me to buy her them lol

nicky xxxx
I have to say I love Iggle Piggle at the end with he falls over. I laugh everytime xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thanks I'll have to go straight up Tescos and check it out.
My little boy Dylan LOVES Night GArden, we went to Euro Disney a few weeks ago and he must have been the only child there with miniture Iggle piggle Maca Paca and Oopsy Daisy!! There was an unfourtunate incident on the plane when we hit some turbulence whilst Dylan was having a snack and Maca Paca fell in his cheesy cracker!!! It was his little joke of the holiday!! That and also the fact that I kept calling Oopsy Daisy Oopsy Whoopsy!!!

Oh what did we laugh at before we had children ai!!

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