Insurance for 50% lactic peel?


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Aug 10, 2009
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South Yorkshire
Hi I am currently looking into insurance for the above due to recent training in peels and so far coming up with nothing other than babtac.
Does anyone else know a company that insure you for it aswell as contents insurance for a salon that you can pay in installments?
Thanks in advance :)
Don't know anyone who will let you pay installments. Guild insurance but I think it's 35% glycolic
Thanks for your reply, the guild wont insure the 50% lactic only the 35% glycolic.
Have had a full quote from salon gold and the cover everything apart from the lactic and offer installments interest free as it is an expensive policy with it including my salon contents cover and more
Um, I think babtac insure me for 50% lactic. Certainly they won't insure me for really high glycolic or BHA ones, but lactic is a different matter.
Best to check with them direct though.
Thankyou Lynne, Babtac will cover me for the 50% lactic and up to 40 % glycolic but for some strange reason the others wont insure me for the lactic whatsoever :sad:

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