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Apr 21, 2003
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Hi all!

Well ive not long too go now until i am fully qualified so i was wondering about insurance.

Any of you got any recommendations of who you are insured with, quotes, tel no, etc?

Any info gratefully received.
Thanx, Lou xxx :D
Insurance is available through the Association of Nail Technicians (ANT) - contact Nails magazine -
and Professional Beauty Magazine as well as all Creative Nail Academies. In fact we insist that all our students are insured at the finish of their course before we continue to supply them with products. If there is a problem, it bounces back on to us as the manufacturer which is why we insist. I'm surprised that more companies don't follow suit really which would be more forward thinking and responsible.
Hi Louise

I took out insurance recently with Association of Nail Technicians and I think (without looking it up) I paid about £80.00 and that was subscription to ANT for a year and also Public Liability Insurance for a year.

I am also struggling with this one!

I have the ANT application form in front of me and I need to know which options I am going for?

I am Group two 'Trained Novice Technician' members insurance. I don't need any extensions such as ear piercing etc. But then I go onto the All Risks Insurance Schemes and I start to wonder what it is I need? :rolleyes:

If I have Group 2, then do I need the All Risks cover?

Then I wonder if I would need Loss of Money cover, and Hand Disablement cover as well. :?

I know you can't tell me what exactly I should have but any advice would be great. I would phone the ANT and ask them but the could just tell me I need it all and I would believe them, when really it might not all be essential.
Everyone is SO suspicious these days!!! :?

Ring ANT and ask them to explaine the different options to you and then make up your own mind which is the most appropriate for you. Why woud they offer different options if they were going to tell you you need it all??? :?

You have a mind of your own. Listen to what they have to say then fill in the form for what YOU want. :D
When I was going thru my CND training with Futurenails, we were told the guys at Designer Nails were updating the insurance. To date I still have no info on the insurance they provide.

Has this update now been completed - and if so, where can I get a quote from?


F x
Well now that you put it like that I feel really dumb! :oops:

I think maybe I should give them a call tomorrow. It's just that everybody has so much information on here that I thought there might be something I ought to check first. :oops:

Anyway, I will call them tomorrow.

Thank You :D
Here are a few more that will offer insurace to Nail Techs.
Professional Beauty Direct £ 27.50 for the professional nail cover
phone number 01622 740040
the INA which is part of the The Guild of Professional Beauty Therapists, it's about £ 70.00 and it gives you Insurance and also INA membership plus the guild news
they have a website at
Phone: 0870 000 4242
Email: [email protected]

Hope this helps
Love Ruth xxx
I have had Professional Beauty Direct insure me for the last 2 years and although I did ring around for different quotes this year, I still found them to be the best price.
I have Professional Beauty insurace too.
By the way Lou, text in that colour is soooooo hard to read
debbiepromotions said:
By the way Lou, text in that colour is soooooo hard to read

near as dammit impossible :ack:
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