Interview Friday. Am I hireable!!


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Feb 17, 2009
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Shrewsbury, Shropshire
I have been working as a mobile therapist for over 12 months offering the following services, - manicure/pedicure/Nail enhancements L&P
eye treatments - lash perm/tint, brow tint, brow shap
head to toe waxing excluding intimate
Bridal make-overs

I have a few regular clients and about to think about promoting myself a bit then this part time job appeared at a country club hotel beauty salon.
Do i offer enough services do you think or is the fact that i dont do facial,massage and tanning going to be a problem.
I have an interview on Friday morning.
I'd be surprised if they could take you on not doing facials and massage, given they're usually v popular at hotels/spas.
If there is competition for the job they're going to look at the range of treatments the therapists can offer and go for the one who can offer the widest range, surely?
That is a good point what Lynne made,
with it being a part time position, does that mean there is other therapists there?
maybe they do the other treatments?

you never know, even if you are lacking a few skills they require, they may still take you on, if they like you?

When i went for my first nail tech job, I didnt know anything about gels, only did l&p,and the owner put me through the training,as she really liked me,

just go to the interview, look your best, do your best,
and if dont get it,at least youve tried youre hardest,and gained a little interview experience,
Kate x
I've worked in 3 hotel spas and in all of them 95% of my day has been filled with massage and facials. Spas usually look for at least NVQ3 and other add-ons like hot stones, indian head massage, body exfoliation/wrapping qualifications etc.
Maybe you could look up some courses local to you if you really want to work in a spa?
Good luck with your interview anyway :hug: x
A good salon will train you if necessary - but it could be that you specialise in nails and eye treatments - do you do the false lashes that are all the rage now?

Think about the questions they may ask ie why do you want the job; how are you going to increase turn over; how would you deal with a disatisified client? what skills do you have etc......

Good luck with the interview hun :)
Thanks everyone for your input, after speaking to the owner it sounded like she only wanted someone for a few hrs a week, so for many it would not be enough where as for me i could continue being mobile and have some salon time too. This place is just down the road from me so thought it was worth giving a go, so i'm sure i will have a nice chat with the owner and could offer my services as cover if nothing else.
I did want to gain level 3 but my college only does that course as a full time day course, which i am unable to attend, and rather than learning lots of different skills decided would be better to specialise injust a few, and it's quite funny too as alot of people on here do nothing but slate college courses ( and i must say my waxing course was not done at college and i know and covered alot more than my friend who attended college for waxing)
Be positive Nikki, afterall if you have put in your CV they must be interested enough to interview you? Massage and facials would be good to add to your services though.
If you've spoken to the owner and I'd assume they've seen a cv, then I wouldn't worry.

The worst thing that wl happen is you don't get the job, but on the plus side it's an opportunity to get interview exp in this field and feedback.

But if they know what you can do I would be inclined to say if it was a problem then they wouldn't call you to interview. Xxx
I didn't actually submit a cv, a friend told me that the salon had a sign in the window, so i phoned up and left a message stating what i could do not what i couldn't do and she called back asking me to go in for an interview. So i guess all these things will be discussed at the interview. Also as it has been many many years since i've had an interview, should i compose a cv to take with me, as i would suppose it looks like i have gone prepared.
Any suggestions on questions for me to ask.
If she knows what you do and is happy to interview you then there is every chance she will hire you. Interviewers are looking for reasons to hire when they interview as they want to fill the position. :hug: be positive, professional and enthusiastic, you will be fine x

A Cv may help her to remember you if she has lots of applicants. I would make it simple with a list of your Previous experience, your qualifications, the produts you work with and treatments you do.

You could ask what type of treatments are the most popular and that would give you a chance to mention new products or treatments you do that you know to be popular.
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Thanks weezie thats very helpful
I just had a thought "references", since i have been qualified i have worked for myself, and before that a bookkeeper working from home so who do i give as a reference. Do i just go for a personal reference and ask a close friend of the family or what, suggestions would be very useful please.
I wouldn't worry about this until you get offered the job, if you want to put it on your cv just write references available on request. A personal reference from a professional friend should then be fine under the circumstances. Or one of your trainers :hug: I've never had a reference followed up but just explain you've been self employed, a client could also be a good reference.
Thanks again Weezie, much appreciated.
How did you get on?

I'd love to know too x
It was a great interiew, she was just the type of lady she was looking for, but really needed someone to do facials as they get so much call for them. She will give me a call at xmas time for help with other treatments if i'm free. Wot a shame my local college doesn't do a facial/skincare only course, there's all seem to be combined with all other aspects of beauty.

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