intimate waxing in n wales/chester?


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Sep 27, 2010
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Hi all, I live wales side of chester and wondered if anyone knew of anywhere close by that does intimate waxing (hollywood)? thanks xx
Contact our fab geeks, Kim Lawless or Collin for intimate waxing courses in your local area.
yeah i agree - get in touch with kim lawless! i trained with her last week :D she's not part of any brand/product so there's none of that our brand is the best brand because of such and such a reason nor do you get a manufacturing lesson on wax heaters. it's just her teaching you to wax which is what you are paying for! x
I'm assuming, from reading this post, that the original poster is looking for someone to wax them and not to be trained.
I'm sure Kim would be able to tell you if there is anyone close to you that she has trained though.
Do we have a directory on here of intimate waxers? If not, then why not :lol:
you know what? i was thinking that wheni read it but then i thought why would somebody come here to post that when there is a whole internet to search from aswell as a section on here just for people to post for therapists on/advice. hahah getta loada us all spilling with advice and opinions to hand out! :D x
Thanks for the replies, I did mean intimate waxing for myself... did think about doing search on interenet but thought that posting on here would be a better way of finding someone through recommendation xxx
oh gosh aren't we silly! lol! training on the brain! :p

i'm sure somebody will come along soon with some advice to help you out! :D x
:o oops, I thought the poster was looking for training too.
Must admit that you all got me frowning when I read replies about training, it wasn't mentioned in the original post at all! lol.
we do in our salon in deganwy . just give jodie a call 01492 580588 . she is our intimate waxer. xxxxxxxx
Thanks Tigi, will give her a call tomorrow xxx
she is not in the morning, but she will be in from 1pm xxxxxxx
I do... I'm in Chester. I run Touch Beauty from home/mobile

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