Irish Nail Championships 2004


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miss astrid

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Nov 14, 2003
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Hello all

I did my first competition on monday, it was a great experience,
very nerve wreckin' though! ( my back is killin me)

I entered as a novice in the liquid and powder and i ...... didn't win :sad:
What i was very dissapointed about, and the reason i am posting this thread is: there was only one placement in this categorie, and if you weren't 1st there was no placement on your score sheet.
I had 235 points wich I was told wasn't bad. But I want to know how good/bad it was and what was the score of the novice winner?? :confused:

So if any of you reading this either know the winner, and would be able to tell me her score, or have any idea were i can find this out I would love to hear from you!!


That sucks. They should still list the standing on your sheet :confused:
What a bomer! :sad:

Far play to you for entering in the first place. :)
You must be proud of yourself.
I would be proud if i knew where i got :+(
or maybe not lol

Just a thought,
Try getting in touch with the Comp organiser and ask her/him what score the first place many points????....... Then you know how many points lead she had.......... I know it doesn't give you an answer to your placement question, but it will give you some idea.
But hey well done for entering and look at your scoresheet and you can find your weak areas and something to work on for your next comp........
Also you are already a winner, because not many have the guts to put their nails on trial so to speak......... So well done babe !!!!!!!
thanks a mille for yor encouraging words,
i will definetly get on to the organisers
i wont stop till i get to the bottom of this and make sure it won't happen next year either

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