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Nails at Home

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May 1, 2003
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Hampstead, London
Hi all, remember a few weeks ago I did a mother and daughter with Bio Sculpture nail tips? Well within the first week the mum needed one repair and the daughter needed two :( Anyway, by the second week when I was due to do their infills apparently all but one of the mum's had come off and the night before the daughter peeled all of hers off as she said they were lifting really heavily :( :( I've not had anywhere near these problems with anyone else since doing Bio Sculpture 6 weeks ago so put it down to the fact that the gel just isn't strong enough for them and they were happy to try acrylic tips.

Did these with Retention + and they were really pleased with the final outcome :) Was then due to do both their infills tomorrow but the mum called me today. The daughter just gave birth yesterday so the've had to cancel. Anyway, I asked the mum how their nails were and apparently she took all hers off last week because she said they were lifting so much and she said her daughter has one left! :x :x :x

I really have not had such bad outcomes with nails since first starting out and just can't understand why these two clients seem to have so many problems :rolleyes: :? Do you think it may be down to really oily nail plates or even with the daughter the fact that she was pregnant and her hormones could be all over the place?

Any advice very welcome :) It's times like this that I start feeling like I'm a really crappy technician again :( :(

I've had a few problems with this in the past, especially with pregnancies.
Their nails always seem to contain more oil and moisture & i get loads of lifting, due to their hormonal changes.

i tried this the other day & it seemed to work,

Use nail fresh, then scrub fresh and then acid free primer for maximum adhesion.

try it & see if it works.

Thanks very very much Nikki - made me feel a bit better. I've yet to get these products but will try them when the opportunity arises again. Of course she's not pregnant anymore though (do you think the hormones would still be dodgy for a few weeks afterwards?). Don't think her and her mum are even going to give me a chance again though with the bad luck they've had - they probably do think I'm crap now! :oops: :( :(
i would have thought the hormones will still be a bit up & down for a ickle while, but if they do go else where, they may still have the same problem with lifting and then realise i wasn't down to your application or techniques.

learn from this and ensure proper and thorough prep, and try using nail fresh & acid free primer with your scrubfresh on other lifty clients and see how they are when they return for rebalancing.

make sure your L&P is pressed firmly for maximum adhesion to the natural nail, and your zone 3 is blended flush to the nail at cuticle area so you don't leave a ledge for lifting to occur.
HI Nails at home...I am not a qualified nail tech, but I am a a Mum (and a nurse in a previous life!!) so as to your question about the new mums hormoses still being a bit dodgy a few weeks after birth...that would be a big YES! especially if she is breasfeeding. Her body will take a good few months to get anywhere near "normal" again and as I'm sure most mums will agree with me here...your body never really goes back to the way it was :p
Hey Nikki,
you`re not the first person to mention nailfresh. When I first saw it I thought someone had had a slip of the keyboard, now you`ve mentioned it. Can you tell me what it is please?
Just seen my answer in another post
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