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Mar 21, 2004
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Hiya all

After your advice again! Im new to this site but Im certainly getting the hang of it and find it brilliant so will be a permanent resident from now on!!

Had a question raised yesterday on what minimum age I would accept for Nail Extensions. The request was from a 13 year old.

Ive had a look in my Insurance and there is nothing mentioned. I personally
feel 13 is too young and could potentially have issues with parental consent.

Just wanted to get your views on what your age minimums are.

Thanks again

Hi Newbie Geek, welcome to the site i also find it invaluable. Have to say i also think 13 is too young. You need to make sure you have the parents consent definately, but i would consider declining in all honesty.

It does depend on the individual but most young girls won't look after their nails and could cause damage to them. I did do a 15 yr olds nails for with her mums consent on the understanding that her mum made sure she looked after them. I wouldn't guarentee how long they would last as you can't stop someone picking at them.

The nails lasted 3 days as she then picked the whole lot off, which did cause a bit of damage to her own nails, and as she was a nail biter anyway it didn't do her fingers any good. I have now refused to do another set on her, (which her mum agrees with) untill she is alot older. As i say each client needs to be looked at individually as there are some young girls that will look after them, everyones different, hope this helps:biggrin:
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