is this an infection?


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Aug 13, 2007
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hi geeks,
i had a new client come to me the other day, before i started i asked her if she had ever had any problems with her nails, she told me she'd had her nails done before where they used a drill to prep the nail before applying product. she then went on to say that whoever had done the origional set drilled into her nail just above the cuticle and now it only grows to around 5mm and breaks off then it weeps green pus for a couple of days after. i told her i didn't want to risk infection by putting any product near it so i manicured it instead. i told her i want to wait to see what happens when her nail breaks again, it happens every 2-3 months. any suggestions as to why this keeps happening to her and what is this horrible pus she keeps getting? should i send her to her doc's?
Get her to the doctors to be on the safe side x
Same here ,
I would definitely refer this client to the GP,
I probably wouldn't have performed a manicure on her either to be honest Hun,
(or mabey just wouldnt have touched that nail, but manicured all the others, if no problems have been found with those)
Just to be safe, but as long as all tools have been sterilized and disposables disposed of, I'm sure all will be well xxxxxxxxxx
argh weeps green pus!!! if i hear of anything with pus involved i always refer then to thier gp - you can never be too careful - this could be an infection otherwise why would it weep like this!! how awful that someone else has wrecked her nails poor landy x x
If it weeps.. hit the streets.. !!
..but seriously, yea.. i wouldnt want to do anything to a clients hands that have any kind of open sores or puss on or around the nail plate.. JUST MY OPNION!! You did the right thing not enhancing.. I'd pop her off to her GP for some treatment..

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