isn't it embarassing when....


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Mar 15, 2003
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Isn't it embarassing when you can't pick up your credit card or your change from a supermarket check out cos your nails are long :o :o LOL....or when you lose a nail in the frozen fish fingers section :eek: LOL sorry to say I left it there too..had a quick look for it but it was a lost cause and my finger was throbbing so much I just needed to leave asap LOL
:green: Yeah i have that trouble all the time especially the picking up off money!!!! my work lot find it hilarious and are often asking me to pick up money just for their pure entertainment lol! i too have lost a nail in the frozen section and hate to say it left it there...........:o x x x x
ooh, you've made my afternoon with that thread!!! i can just imagine you falling into the huge deep freeze to find your nail!!!

the most embarrassing one for me was when i was in a shop and i dropped my change on the floor and spent goodness knows how long trying to scoop it up to no avail - wouldnt you think somebody would have helped me instead of just watching???
Happened to me in Tesco once. My nail flew off and the guy standing next to me looked horrified! :o I said "Don't worry its not my real nail"...this seemed to freak him out even more!:D Luckily my nail landed on my son in the trolley! He was holding it up between his thumb and finger as if it was laden with germs!
You try everything don't u ....licking yr finger to make the credit card stick to it :idea: ...nope doesn't work :eek: ...oh if I drop less than a pound on the floor, and there is anyone around to watch me making a fool of myself grovelling around , it stays on the floor without an attempt LOL...or maybe just have a one quick shot at it then walk LOL
OMG picking up change with long nails what a nightmare :lol:
For a while I worked in a small local store & that was probably the closest I ever came to assaulting a member of the public. Our checkout till had a little lip all around the edge that made it impossible to slide coins off into your hand, so once they hit the flat I was scuppered. I would hold out my hand to every customer as I told them the total but never ceased to amaze me how many times they ignored it & threw a hand full of coins onto the till. They would then stand & watch me struggle to pick every last bit up .......... then usually right at the end say "not easy with those nails I bet!" ........... whilst counting to ten with my best fake smile I'd reply "no, its a lot easier when people hand me the money" :lol:

I have theories on lots of thing being designed by men in this world as you just CAN'T get them open easily with nails, like DVD cases where you have to press the middle to release the DVD ....... aaaarrrrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhh!!!!! not easy when your nail meets the DVD BEFORE your finger meets the middle, thank god for knuckes :lol:
Thia has so made me laugh.

I have found a way of picking up coins where i sort of use a nail against a knuckle which sometimes is a little easier. My aunt used to work in a bar and she said she had alot of trouble picking up coins. Her nails are really long, if i ever have to put a tip on her if she breaks one i barely cut anything off of the length. I couldn't do anything with them that long but she manages really well.

My aunt said people used to deliberately drop money on the bar so she would have to drag it across the top to get it, through all the spilt alcohol etc......yuk!!
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