Iv got sensitive skin any advice please?


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May 12, 2006
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Hi just wwanted to know if anyone could help me i as i suffer with dodgy skin.Iv had it since i got pregnant with my second child 6 n half years ago and its never been right since.The dr said i have a condition but cant remember the name if i saw it i would know it.Anyway i do nails now and my skin keeps flaring up more all my eyes swell and look like they are chapped and itchy.I use simple wipes and simple moisturiser, can anyone recomend anything else as im getting alot of blocked pores aswell and spots.
Any advice would be most greatfull as this is ruining my social life as i will not go out.:cry:
You should see a dermatologist. Unfortunatly, without actually seeing your skin and not knowing the name of the condition, we can't really give you good advice.
Hi Zena.

It would be really helpful if you could give us the name of your skin condition. Someone on here will probably have it or have experience of how to deal with it and will be able to give you much better advice.

If you go to your doctor's surgery the receptionist should be able to look on your notes and tell you the name of it.
Iv been to see a dermatologist and he did some patch testing,i then went back for the reults and he said i was not allergic to anything so i was pleased with that,he just said some people suffer with this thing im trying to remember the name its doing my head lol.He told me to go back to dr,so i went and they said sorry nothing they can do iv been on anithestamine {spelling} tablets for over a year now daily on perscription and then when it flares up bad i have to take piriton aswell. I just wounderd if there was another skin cleanser n moisturiser then simple that dosnt have any crap in it {excuse my words}.Im sure that the name was either something begging with C or S but mat be wrong.Thanks for replying though xx
Im just thinking it could be urticaria.
There's a link here for you, does this sound like what you have?
Urticaria (hives)

If it is, you may be better off with something organic or aromatherapy based. Try this website:
Skin Care Products – Organic Natural Skin Care
I've bought products from them in the past and they do an unperfumed range for people with things like eczema.

Hope you get something sorted out soon.
Thanks for the link iv just read the Urticaria one and my reaction does not look like the ones in the photos but the write does sound like it.Also it mentions sinusitis which i also suffer from as this can cause it with the look of it,ill keep reading thanks x i also read in another post that some one was allergic to Simple products which i thought was totally free from crap,the thing is i use this range aswell makes you wounder.Its really depressing me as i suffer with depression to start with and this is making me worse.
Thanks for the replys x
hi zena
i have found that dermalogica's range for sensitive skin has been very successful in 2 situations.
1. my daughter has suffered from acne for the last 2 yrs, and after trying everything known to man, i eventually had to take her to gp and she is on anti biotics and vit a cream.
this has left her skin hyper sensitive, although the acne has drastically improved.
she now uses the ultra calming cleanser and the ultra calming spray. also, she uses the multi-vit recovery mask once a wk to nourish her skin.
2. a young male client was coming in for regular facials for problem skin. he came in one day with horrendous hay fever. his eyes were swollen and we thought he wouldnt b able to have his facial.
i sprayed his face with the ultra calming spray & his redness & swelling went down significantly.
he purchased some to use when he had bad eyes from hay fever.
salons that stock dermalogica will b able to give you a sample of the cleanser, so give it a try b4 u buy, just to b sure.
good luck
Hi i had a look in town for some products but we dont sell much where i live.Iv bought the new Jhonsons range for sensitive skin.Face cleanser cream and a sensetive moisturise hopefully it will sooth my face n eyes a little as its not got alchol in it.Iv got a photo of my eye now but im not allowed to post attachments i dont think on here so i cant show you.or is there something i could do as theres other pics i would like to show other geeks aswell?
Anyone used this jhonsons range yet plz?
try the Galvanic Spa and the facial gels. It helps fantastically!

greetz, Marc

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