I've chosen LA Tan is this the best?


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Sep 19, 2010
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Hi Guys,

I have decided to launch a mobile spray tanning business. i have decided to train with sienna x so i get good training but use la tan as when i got a la spray tan i loved it most, does anyone use la tan or have any further advice for me????? also, the new la disco, what skin type is that best for?? xxxx:cry: confused
Why are you not doing the La training?

It's best to train with the company you have chosen to use, as they can train you and advice you more on their products. Part of the training is with the products, yiu get better training that way.
Have you spoken to Danny? He will be able to tell you all you need to know about which solution for which skin colour! The disco tan is for the girls who like to look really dark, not for everyone but some love it. I would agree with the other post about training with who you buy your solution from as they will show you how to use it to it's best. The best thing about la tan is that they are very passionate about what they do and there customer service. The prices are excellent too, with loads of offers all the time for existing customers;-)
thats what i was worried about, i had to as their training is over 200 miles from me. :-(
Have you looked into training 1-2-1 with someone independent so that you can use your own kit & tan? Have la tan not got a trainer near you? I know they have a few dotted about the uk! It's like with everything they all apply differently and you need to know how to use your machine.
I would speak to Danny and see what he can come up with for you!
Thanks sam thats great, who is danny and how can i contact them?? xx
Danny is one of the owners (its family run). You can phone them on 0161 483 7156, anyone who answers should be able to help you, but he is the most knowledgeable IMO!
They will go out of there way to help and to find a trainer for you! Hope you get something sorted:hug:
Definitely give them a call. I use LA Tanning and there customer service is excellent x
and if you need any further advice or help, I am here to assist as well.


I agree, I think LA Tanning are great. They are very friendly and their products are lovely. I used to use Sienna X but found their staff really rude and snotty. I think they have got a bit too big for their boots.
I'm actually doing my spray tan training next sunday with LA tan in Ireland and I am really excited - I found it so so hard to find a trainer in Ireland but having looked around and asked lots of questions I found LA tan to have great prices and the trainer sounds fab even though i have to drive 2.5 hour to get there....:|

Some people i've spoken to have said LA has a bad fade off but as I haven't ever used it I cant comment but I will say the website had great deals on machines and solutions and i thought that it was very easy to use and order from so I'm really excited to get stuck in now :)

What would the most popular colours be with LA Tanning as I get to pick out a litre of solution after my training and I'd like to get one that suits most people?
hey, i use LA Tan, i love there Disco and new cocktail. The disco is a gorg dark brown colour (my younger clientlee and dancers havae this tan) and the Cocktail is a really nice dark brown tan (not as dark as the disco) but has a golden look to it aswell. I find it fades well, maybe its with the extra aole vera, and tea tree they have put in. I am hooked on there soll x
My friend has switched from nouva tan to la tan- I currently use nouva but wanted to try la tan out anyone know a website I could order from ?
I think it's important to train with a reputable company and to do a course that is accredited.
It's best to test as many solutions as possible and see what your clients like and find a solution that works for you.
I don't use Sienna X but having spoken to them before, i can assure you that they are very helpful and their training is supposed to be very good.
I use Nouvatan but i also use LA Tan disco.
I must admit, i'm not a big fan of LA Tan solutions as i find they don't fade as well as my regular solution and i also don't like their double-dipped solutions. I really don't see the point in double-dipping and my models weren't over-impressed either.
The reason i use the dico is because some clients like a really dark tan. I do explain to clients that it doesn't last as long as my regular solution but some give it a go. I've had my regular clients give it a go and to be honest most go back to the Nouvatan 16%.
Some like i though and i'd say 5% of my clients have the LA disco and the rest Nouvatan.
It's all down to personal preference though so i'd recommend sampling as many solutions as you can and then making your mind up :)

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