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Feb 8, 2003
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launton near bicester,oxon
hi.. today i feel like jacking it all in... i have had 26 customers since begining of august. (not including nail art parties where i have done a total of 27 sets mini manicures/nail art ) now.. out of thee customers only one of these customers had enhancements (fabric #) the rest are mani's pedi's man mani's and nail art.... which is fine but i have advertised everywhere.. back of my four wheel drive tyre cover/shops/ etc etc., ive been putting off getting a salon as want to be able to collect chanel from school until she goes up to secondry school (another year and half) - cant help my maternal feelings but also want a career in nails... was offered a room in a salon (beauty) to rent on a occassional basis (havent looked into it too much as she offers manis/pedis enhancements so figure she would only allow me to nail art - then when people cant make the day/s im at hers they then can come to me - ive stolen her clients dont want to go that road...
Now just heard last night nail bar opening in town... aggh ! oki i know any comp will be good etc etc., but how can i compete im struggling to get customers through my village home based salon as it is... now people will be able to just SEE she's there..etc etc., im lcn gel trained (doesnt amount to much though) creative fabric one to one trained manicure etc - alessandro salon based trained.. all doesnt amount to much whenshe is probably brilliant (im still struggling with my enhancements) brilliantly trained and im going to be left feeling like the sub standard salon.. cant afford to do the L & P at creative this year as need to start breaking even (gotta stop buying new nail stuff) going to register for nvq though asap.. but i could scream with frustration.... dont know how or if you can or want to help but feel better now ranted (and screamed.. lol)
Hi Jen,

DON'T GIVE UP sunny your not alone feeling like this, we've all been there roll , your quote 'love & beautiful nails make the world go round' your love for your family and nails gives you insparation to do it, beautiful nails, this is what you do, no matter what competition you have, if your good at what you do people will come back to you, yes they will try a cheaper way evil , it's human nature but like most of us they find out the hard way and they will come back.

We all go through quiet spells, then busy and so on, even the big salons, just keep advertising the way you are, you could maybe try a 'special' money or % off this attracts people, but don't give it away for free. Get some leaflets into florist as they deal with weddings, hotels & country clubs too. wink

You know were I am if you want a natter lol
..for your kind words... made me well up sorry... :(
i just know im not that good so she is obviously going to be better. .. sorry blame pmt.. its just i started the year with such high hopes (then found out i was pregnant, just got over the shock and started to look forward to that and then had a miscarriage in may this year)so still pretty emotional and not got hardened to the knocks of life again.
Ive got a box of proffesionaly printed price lists here.. im going to get off my butt and start putting them out.. might speak to local rag to offer a competition for free mani or man mani... is that a good idea or does that smell of desperation (nail bar not open yet so no one knows about it yet)

Dont apologise flower you've done well, my heart goes out to you but look at what you've achieved, you should be pretty dam PROUD of yourself.

You've got a prime oportunity to get yourself noticed before this nail bar opens, might be exhausting but it all pay's off in the end, yes sweatie 'off the but' thumbsup your leaflets will do better sitting in someone elses house goal


p.s. mind what i said, just at the other end of the phone bouncy or if you want a chat on this let me know when your on -x-

I totally empathise with your situation. Just a thought.....how about approaching the owner of the new nail bar to see if you can work alongside her? Its just another persons opinion...it won't hurt to ask will it?
Hi Jen,

If I was to start all over again in this wonderful business of ours, I would locate myself near to the busiest nail salon in town! Why?

Because the more nails are being done, the more awareness it creates about nails and nail services.

Once I was the only kid on the block in Leeds. Yes I had a very busy business within 3 months because (I like to think) I offered great service and I was a nail artist and clients went home with gorgeous durable nails that lasted ages. But over the years as I trained more and more technicians and more and more salons opened up in the area ... we only got busier and busier and now Designer Nails in Leeds is still going 15 years on and with 8 nail technicians in the largest nail only salon in Leeds.

Awareness is the key. People are not really aware of you yet. Make them aware. :fire: This nail bar will help. People will remember :!: ... oh yea ... there is another girl in town that I have heard about. :idea:

What do you mean she will be better than you?? She may be worse by far!! She may be as good or she may be better, but it is awareness that counts and anything you can do to make people more so is a good thing. :bouncy:

Be positive and help things along. Get your cards out and about in dress shops, gyms, health clubs, bars and pubs ... anywhere women go ... always have them in your pocket and hand them out at every opportunity. You must take the initiative or people won't know you are there.

AND your own nails must look gorgeous at all times ... gorgeous and natural not gorgeous and painted up with nail art because although nail art may catch the eye, not all women are attracted to it. They may like it on you but not want it on themselves. Most women want natural looking perfect nails. If all they see is nail art, they automatically think that is the way you are going to want to do their nails. And you are in a conservative area.

So keep your chin up. The kids are back at school :goal: and women's thoughts are going to turn to themselves. Business always picks up again with the return of the children to school. I wish you the very best of luck, but you have to help to make your own luck too. :)
Jen Darling,

Well you can certainly say you have had one of those years. My heart goes out to you, l know how hard it is emotionally to cope with a miscarriage, you will over time. l promise...
As for pms my motto is (PUTTING up with MENS S**T) l didn't swear but it is a rather apt womens problem. It can turn you into a psycho nut bitch,
with me anyway.lol

I am gonna give you my secret without it costing you a fortune or walking your legs off. Find your nearest Avon lady - get in touch with her ask her for a brochure to look at, and if she would be willing to put your professional cards into the brochures, and at the same time have some of her brochures for your clients to look at. - You get more clients, she gets more orders. l also do Avon and this has helped me tremendously. and each campaign there is always one or two new Clients. Try it and let me know.

These things in life are sent to try us - and then we get stronger.
take care
Dont give up mate :D

I have had the worst day today, but you have just got to keep going. Everyone goes through a bad patch and it will get better i assure you.

Keep ya chin up mate :D :D

Cazza :D :D
I have had similar problems, and there is a lot of competition near me. But the other day a Lady, who goes to a Salon around the corner, came in for a nail repair, as her usual Tech couldn't fit her in. I did the nail and thought I would never see her again.

Then 2 days later she came in to the shop and asked if I could soak off her old set and do her a brand new set, because she preferred the one nail I had done to 9 others that her usual Tech did. :D

Obviously this isn't good news for her Tech, but I was so happy because it meant she had gone away and compared them. Fair enough its not ten new customers through the door, but I think a little thing like that can refresh your spirits.

So, the moral of the story today is, "Don't dare give up!" and PM me anytime! :D
Well HUn here is a [size=7[b]]{{{{{{{{{{HUGG}}}}}}}}}}[/b][/size]
Right now thats enough of that or they will call me soft..............

Well babe, we all have our ups and downs where the bizz is concerned, but give up, never.................
You can try all sorts of things, but the one thing thats most important is.............. your attitude................. If you think you will fail, then you will.........if you think the new Tech on the block is better, then she will be, because you have decided that she is..............She may be better,there is always someone better then us, thats how we strive to become better..........This should not make you shrink back into the background, but come forward with the......HEY I AM HERE AND I KNOW MY STUFF ATTITUDE.............
Geeg is right if I was to open a Salon, it would be right next to the biggest one I could find................why do you think, there are always little eateries next or near MACCY D'S......because they create the need for food............ So a new nail bar great....the bigger the nail bar the bigger the awareness for nails..........It will work in your favour, if you let it....... Let your nails speak for themself..........not your self doubt.........

So chin up, files up and ready and go girl go

love Ruth xxxxx
thanks all again...was welling up reading the warm email and huggs (thanks ruthie)
hey thanks smiler i have a mate that does avon... ill give her a call.
thanks again and again everyone..
all my love to you all
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