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Dec 6, 2005
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Need some help from my hair geeks. Am interested in having a permanent/Jap straightning only thing is that im worried it will dry my hair. I have oily hair by the way. My sis had got hers done and it looks so dry now. Althought when drying naturally it was straight, she still used hair irons and blow dryers so I dont know which of those it was that dried it out. What you all reckon??? Thanks in advance.
PS sorry if this doesnt make sense but its 2.15 am and cant sleep and have to be up at 6 yikesssss
hi, I am not familiar with japaneses straightening, so the only thing that I can assist you in is to condition condition condition. Use a mosituizer in the shower, then a leave in before blowdrying.
Heres a thread about the japanese yuko/ukon system..


If you read the thread to the end you will find there seems to be different feelings about this product.. i myself have had it done continously for 6 years (once each year) and think its fantastic - I still have strong sleek shiny hair..

I think the bottom line is not so much the actual product/system itself.. but its WHO does it and HOW they do it which makes a difference...

Hope this helps.. :hug:
Wowthanks I think I will try it out as it saves so much time.
I had this process done several years ago in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida by Vincent J and I was pleased with the results. I have very fine, curly hair and at the time it was also chemically processed (lightened). This procedure took about 10 hours for my hair which was medium length at the time. My hair looked less damaged after the procedure than prior. Vincent J did recommend that I choose one or the other when it came to processing my hair (lightening or straightening).

After the procedure I was able to wash and "air dry" my hair and it was straighter than when I used to blow dry and straighten it with a flat iron. For an extreme polished look he recommended using the "Chi Flat Iron" when needed. This process cost me $600 at the time but I couldn't believe the amount of time I saved everyday not having to straighten and touch up my hair throughout the day.

He did recommend that if I were to try and find another stylist to do this when I relocated out of state to find out how many they do on a regular basis and ask for references. I have not had it done again as I don't have the resources all at once anymore but I would do it again if I did.

After I had mine done some friends of mine decided to have theirs done and went to a local salon in Cocoa Beach where the stylists had limited experience with this product. There experiences proved to be disastrous. One of them had to cut her hair about 2 inches all over.

I would just say that research your stylists and their experience with the product if you choose to have it done. Good luck!
:rolleyes: Hey There................I had my hair Chemically straightened 2 years ago while being bleached white blonde at the time............It was while I was living in Asia and I can tell you my hair had never been so soft and silky afterwards...........I have naturally ringlet curly hair so was really skeptical about this 2 product method and also my hair was past my shoulders at the time.....they assured me it would be "ok".......The whole process only took about an hour.............They put on one product for 30 mins and combed it straight about every 5- 10 mins.....then rinsed and placed the second product on for about 20 mins and it was all over except for the blow dry.........Crikey...........after 2 years my hair is still straight where I had it done and never in that time did I have very dry hair or breakage........They even gave me the left over products in their tightly sealed containers to take home and do touch ups every 3 months if I wanted too........there was no need...............straight as a die..................If you are interested in the Brand I think I still have the containers lying around here somewhere............I do know it was an Ionic based product (which incidentally had never worked before on my hair or the old straight perm solutions.........) and it worked magnificently..........they apparrantly developed it for use it on dark-skinned people's naturally Afro hair...........Kindest Regards Brandi.............

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