Jewellery in home salon?


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Apr 2, 2012
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I've started doing extensions from home, and will be building my trade to tans and eyelashes in the next few months.

I also sell jewellery, my question is would it be 'professional' to display my jewellery whilst I am fitting extensions? In a non obvious way?

Also, do you think anyone would be interested?

My jewellery style is vintage.

Opinions welcome x
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A therapist I sometimes go to has a glass cabinet in her room (she works from home) which displays jewellery and candles which she sells. It's nice to look at when having a treatment and it encouraged me to buy something once.

The hair salon I go to has a glass cabinet selling all sorts of little gifts, I have bought from there too.

I think as long as it's neatly and attractively displayed it should be ok and may boost your retail business.

Good luck.
Hey Hana,

Just had a look at your website, OMG your jewellery is gorgeous! I so wish I lived near dundee!! Can you post anything?! i love your gold, pink and necklace with the swallows and roses, its the best!

I would definitely set up some kind of cabinet for them, I'm pretty sure you'd get some interest!

I just popped on for a nosey a d friend requested you lol. Your jewellery is fabulous!! I would definitely display it :) xx
Your jewellery is gorgeous! Definitely display it, I'm sure it would be really popular with clients :) x
My friend used to do this, sell jewellery in her salon and I always bought some wherever I went to have a treatment with her. It's a good way to make some extra money.
Definately go for it, great idea.
can anyone recommend good place top purchase some fashion jewellery to sell in salon xx
My friend Hayley makes and sells beautiful jewellery. The name is Poppy Amore you can find her on Facebook or her website is
I've attached some pictures for you.
Mention Alex Wood if you get in touch with her as I'll let her know that I've put her details on here.
Good luck
Lol, forgot to attach the pictures!


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Whats your website. X

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Great idea, would have a look but link removed!!xx

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