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Jan 1, 2010
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Hello Ladies and Gents

I am a fully qualified and insured mobile beautician who has just moved to Essex (Chelmsford) to live with my boyfriend. I'm Scottish so it's been a fair old distance.

Well, I'll get to the point shall I, I'm looking for some new clients, if anyone is looking for one or more of the following treatments, give me a call.

Spray Tan, Gel Nails, Eyelash or Eyebrow Tinting, Minx Nails, Nuovolash Lash Extensions, Manicure, Eyebrow Shaping, Bridal Make Up or Make Up Tutorial.

All at affordable prices and will visit one person or a group booking locally.

I have various wedding photos of Brides I have "done" if you would like to view any of these please feel free to contact me. Thanks All:)

[email protected]
Welcome to Essex!
I occasionally get phone calls for Chelmsford but dont travel there so I'll keep you in mind next time a call comes in!
I'd recommend joining 'netmums' if you've not already and introducing yourself there too, I used to often get clients from there- use the noticeboard.

Goodluck! :hug:
Have you looked at Lynne Baker's thread about promoting your business? It's fabulous with loads of ideas about things you can do to increase your profile and customer base. I'm always recommending it.
My Sister lives in Chelmsford, so for the times when I cant fit her in or she cant get to me, if you post your number/ website I will pass it on to her.

If you have not got a website, this would be a godsend & bring you in new business.

What advertising have you done so far?
Have you done a leaflet drop?

What spray tan do you use & how much is it?

I have just created a Essex Geek group so join that too;
Salon Geek - Essex Geeks


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