Just took on Gerards skincare plus brought a spray tan machine!


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Apr 24, 2006
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I just recieved my order from Gerards UK and am doing my training in two weeks. I have to say it was a bit overwhelming receiving three large boxes of products that I have no idea how to use yet! I am looking forward to using them and will let you know how I get on. You had to have a large opening order, I will pm anyone who wants to know what it is. The main selling point for me was the science behind the products, the knowlegable rep and that I especially wanted to do glycolic peels.

I also purchased a spray tan tent and machine (super spray) from spraytanning|sunless|tanextend|minimist|onlinetanshop.com|Welcome - Onlinetanshop.com I did have to pay £47.23 V.A.T to parcelforce once it was in the UK but it actually arived within 2 weeks whereas it said it may take 5 weeks to get to me on the website. The machine is excellent and I am using Vani-T tanning solution with it at the moment to practice on friends and family before I am let loose on clients.

Just thought I would share my experiences. I am very happy with my new toys :lol:
Great news, you sound a really happy bunny:)
I am a happy bunny :lol: Thanks for your comment.

It's nice to get new things I have been mobile for a year and 6 mths and it's nice to finally have the money to upgrade. I was very careful with what I spent money on at the begining product wise and it has paid off over time. I'm sure my clients will be happy with the new treats too! :lol:
Ooooh I just love getting new toys, have loads of fun. I would be just itching to go on that training course. Let us know how it goes. :hug:
I will let you know, I can't wait! :lol:
I applied to Gerards but was told I had to take on 6 treatments and the opening order was either £2k or £3k, so didn't pursue it.

am still hoping to go with germaine de cap

hope you have a fab time with the training, you lucky person.
Good luck! I love getting new 'toys' to play with.:lol:

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