Kids Nagging Me For A Cat! Help!


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Oct 12, 2006
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Hi there

My dilema is that both my hubby and 2 sons are nagging me to get a cat. I have never had a pet in my life so am a little nervous of the thought of it. I mainly work from home and also do mobile so I would be around to look after it. I have loads of reservations, i.e. vet bills, not being able to go on holiday without cat sitter, do cats make your house smell?, how do you manage to keep them off your kitchen work tops?

Maybe I am being a bit too cautious. Could any of you cat owners let me know your experiences and maybe put my mind at rest. We have been looking into getting one from the local cat rescue centre. The boys would be over the moon to get a kitten for xmas, but maybe one a little older would be less work?

I keep telling them no for the time being but the pressure is getting to me, Help!

Thanks in advance

Sharon x
my sister has a cat and she has trained it so it does its "private stuff" in cat litter,does not go on work tops and when she goes on holiday we all look after it to let it out in the morning,get it in at night and feed it...hth hun xxx
hiya chick

we have two cats called sooty and sweep if you want to know anything just pm me and i can tell you.

I have a cat and she is absolutely no bother at all. She just wanders in and out and usually only comes home to sleep or eat. As long as the cat goes outside to do the "loo" then there is no reason for your house to smell. Vet bills are something you cant avoid as it will need vaccinations yearly but they are not too expensive and you can get insurance for a cat for a few pound a month to cover anything more serious. Going on holiday isnt too bad as if the cat just wanders in and out through the cat flap on the back door as ours does then you just need to ask a neighbour or someone to pop in each day and lay down fresh food and water. And as for keeping it off the kitchen worktops we just keep the kitchen door closed, my mum once came home to a cat (not ours) sitting on the worktop smug as you like after devouring a whole chicken! HTHs. x
We have in the last three weeks had a kitten from a local rescue centre. He was 18 weeks old when we had him and had been neutered the day before. We are keeping him as a house cat and not letting him outside, which pleased the woman at the rescue centre, as they don't let them outdoors either, so he had not been out. He was litter box trained when we collected him but were told to expect accidents while he settled, but 3 weeks on and all is fine.
We don't allow him in the kitchen or upstairs and he uses a littler box all the time.
Regarding vets fees etc, they require a vaccination when 8-10 weeks old then a booster every year, which is not covered by pet insurance. Pet insurance we have taken a deal with tesco and pay £3.67 a month.
Got to go and sort the children, any questions pm me.

I have never had a cat so maybe I shouldn't be posting.

I just wanted to say that our rabbit used to chew at the rug and hoik earth out of the plant pot in the lounge and we have trained him not to, now he is good as gold . . . meaning that if you can train a rabbit I'm sure it must be possible to keep puss off the worktops!! hth and have fun with your kitty if you get one :hug:
Thanks for all your replies, much appreciated.

A couple of other points:-

If you want to let the cat outdoors and don't have a cat flap, how do you get them in at night when you want to go to bed?

Also are cats prone to waking you up early to get fed?

Sorry for all the questions but I really want to have considered this fully before I agree to anything.
I love cats but i'm really allergic to them my eyes run and swell up and i get all itchy.If any of your family do have hayfever , excema or asthema check they are going to be ok with a cat.
If you want to let the cat outdoors and don't have a cat flap, how do you get them in at night when you want to go to bed?

Mine comes and goes as she pleases but if we need to get her in for example on fireworks night we just shout and she appears. When we got her many years ago my Dad told us kids now don't call it anything stupid cos Im not standing at the back door every night shouting something ridiculous! We thought long and hard and decided to call her Spider so Dad had to shout on Spider to get in each night lol. x
First and foremost cats dont need much looking after, they are very independant animals, but they are creatures of habit, so like their times for food.

We got our cat from the RSPCA, he cost us £50, worth every penny. Hes called Ronnie! :green:

He was a kitten when we got him so we got him to use a little tray for about 6 months, got him home rubbed his paw in the litter and that was it, hes never had an accident.
Then we had a cat flap put in, so he came and went as he pleased, his cat flap is now in the shed, but he comes in at night. He has never made the house smell, the only problem we had for about 2 months was other cats coming in and leaving their scent, it soon stopped though.

You need to make sure that you have him insured as vets bills can be high.
Ronny likes to hunt, so be prepared for dead animals outside your back door!

With regards to not having a cat flap, he will let you know when he wants to go out or come in usually jumping up on the window sill, miaowing constantly.

Good luck in your search for a little cat! They are lovely little animals, we wouldnt be without ours now!

A cat is probably the easiest pet to look after, it doesn't need walking. Feed a cat and it will sort its self out if you have a catflap. Wherever you choose to get one from definitely get it neutered, they can make a hellish mess if you don't, we had a tomcat and he sprayed us nearly every night for a week once til he was neutered:irked:

I aren't being flippant when I say they are the easiest pet, I have 3 and I love them all to bits.As long as they are fed and can get outside a cat is happy and will reward you with affection. I have however ended up cleaning rabbits, hamsters and budgies when people have got sick of them which I don't object to a pet is a responsibility which I agreed to. Cats are very rewarding pets for little effort, they are funny little individuals and I love having them. The children go through phases with them but I wouldn't part with mine.
Sorry didn't read about the catflap. Whenever I have moved the cats have all found a windowsill they know will get them attention to sit on when they want in. Cats are really resourceful, I have a bengal cat and when we didn't have a cat flap he used to jump up and down at the living room window like a kangaroo til someone let him in. I wish I'd filmed it he looked so funny this cats head popping up and down:lol:
We have 4 seriously they are no bother.

We live in an appartment,so they have never been out,and there has been no problem.We have 2 russian blues and 2 korats,which are oriental and similar to burmese,and they get on very well.

So with one cat,i should forsee no problems.I would have a litter tray if you dont intend on letting it out....

Go for it....i LOVE cats,are you a cat lover by nature?
Have to say I am not a cat lover especially, but I do like them.
My husband is the cat lover as he had one when he was a boy. Also the kids of course have been nagging me for 3 hours solid tonight!
I think I am a little nervous because I may even be a little scared! I don't even think I could lift a cat up. I guess that would change when I had one of my own.

My main problem at the moment is no-one seems to want to look after it when we go on holiday. I guess we would have to look into a cattery, but have a feeling this could be costly.

Thanks to all for your replies, keep them coming please xx

p.s. I am slowly coming round to the idea, but don't want to let kids know as they will only get their hopes up!
I have 3 cats and they are no hassle at all.

Have to admit, mine are spoiled rotten. I love them more than I love my partner ! They bring me so much joy and hours of entertainment !

I would highly recommend that you get pet insurance. I am with Marks & Spencer's and their policy is fantastic. I currently pay £80 per year for all three cats and I have a ZERO excess policy on all three cats !! On most policies you would be responsible for the first £50 and then you can claim the rest. With this policy, you don't have to pay anything !

One of my cats has recently been diagnosed with an under active Thyroid and in the past 4 months with blood tests and tablets, I have claimed £422. Within a week, I have my cheque !

As already mentioned, cats are very independend. I have a cat flap and the cats come and go as they please. Cats also spend a huge amount sleeping, so most of the time, you will find your darling curled up somewhere warm and cosy.

As for them jumping on your work surfaces, this is easily solved. If the cat where to do that, just put them straight down on the floor again. Cats are very clever and they will soon realise that it's not allowed.

Cats are also very clean animals, and if you provide them with a clean litter tray and or access to a garden, they will not mess in your house.


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