eyelash extensions

  1. M

    Opinions on my second set of lash extensions?

    Finally built up the courage to do another set since my course! I know this isn't a full set but she only wanted a natural look..this took me about 1 hour and 45 minutes. Any one got any advice or tips? or anyone new to lashes who want to share their sets and get advice! xxx
  2. M

    Opinions on my first set of lash extensions?

    Hello everyone, Just looking for some extra feedback on my first set of lash extensions..this is not a full set, just applied in roughly an hour and a half.. I am nervous to start practising on strangers so please give me any advice or feedback! Thank you x
  3. F

    Eyelash extension dilemma!

    I’m hoping somebody can give me some help/advise or at least point me in the right direction... I have just completed my lash extension course and am looking at what brand of lashes/glue to use. There are soo many different choices out there I don’t even know where to start and I don’t want to...
  4. R

    Lash extensions not lasting?

    I’ve been a lash tech for a short amount of time now, only about a month. I do a fair amount of clients and use a mixture of different glues between the KG salon glue and the sensitive sally’s glue, not quite sure of the exact name. I’m just finding that a lot of my clients lashes are not...
  5. R

    Best glue for classic and hybrid lash extensions?

    I’ve been using the KG salon glue but it’s just a bit expensive to keep rebuying as you don’t get much for your money. I’m looking to branch out and find something cheaper but I’ll stick to KG if needs be. Has anyone got any recommendations?
  6. C

    Lash extension prices

    i am going to be qualified in classic lashes in july and Russian lash extensions in September, the course have recommended leaving a space between the two to practice, and I was just wondering, do I charge a price for my first few ever sets? so as soon as I pass would it be advised to go...
  7. S

    Eyelash extension insurance

    Hi all, I've recently completed my gateway eyelash extension course - I'm looking for the best companies to be insured by , Please could you let me know your recommendations. Thank you
  8. B

    Eyelash extensions, should I put myself out there?

    I’ve been doing eyelash extensions for about a year now (classics) and I’ve got a few clients through friends of friends. I’ve developed my skills and technique massively since I started but I’m scared to put myself out there properly, as in posting photos of my work to my page. I know I’m not...
  9. K

    Lash extension brands

    Hi, I recently trained in classic lash extensions and am starting to get everything together and I’m looking to order new lashes but thought of trying a different brand. So far I’ve only used lashbase lashes as that’s what I trained with. What are everyone’s favourites? What would you recomend? ☺️
  10. A

    Lash stylist advice please

    I’ve been doing lashes for about a year but my clientele still hasn’t built up to what I would want it to be and I’m a little bit frustrated because it still takes me 3hours to do someone eyelashes or 2hours.50 minutes . So now I just feel like quitting.
  11. makeupbyhannah

    Eyelash extensions glue problems

    Hiya, i was qualified in November 2018 and have been doing lashes since. I started off with the marvel eyelash glue and the results were amazing! Lashes were lasting up to 5 weeks! Then all of a sudden after a few weeks clients were messaging me saying they were waking up with the lashes all...
  12. I

    Help please! No clue which eyelash extension brand to train in or use

    Hoping some kind people can give me some advice on this. I am a mobile beauty therapist based in the South East of England wanting to add eyelash extensions to my portfolio of treatments. I’d like them to be vegan if possible! Does anyone know of an excellent range they can recommend that is...
  13. C

    Beauty bed for eyelash extensions

    Hi all, I have recently set up a home salon for eyelash extensions as I recently completed the qualification and after some practice will be looking for clients. I was wondering if after every client you change the throws/blankets/covers on your beauty bed for the next client? As I am not...
  14. msophie

    Lash extensions & makeup wipes?

    Hi all, my mum had her patch test on Friday and I’m doing her lashes this evening. She doesn’t wear makeup and has basic skincare routine, I’ve found that all the products she’s using are oil free and suitable. The one thing she uses that although they are oil free, are Simple Cleansing Facial...
  15. Kassy Jackson

    Eyelash extensions - gel pads or tape, what works best?

    Hi all I’m new to eyelash extensions and was wondering what is best to use under the eye Gel pads or Tape. I like the pads however I find after a little while they start to lift and then become completely useless. Because I’m a little slow at the moment I need something that will stay in place...
  16. msophie

    First set lash extensions

    So I did my lash extension course yesterday, and had my sister patch tested last week ready for today! I did my first set! Well, most of my first set! Started quite late and after an hour and a half we both started getting tired so she’ll be round tomorrow to finish off! They are nowhere near...
  17. E

    Lash extensions primer

    Has or does anybody use the Lashbase Primer for eyelash extensions? Im worried about using it on my clients so close to there eyes as it has such a strong chemical smell! I know thats what its meant for just wondering if anybody has had problems with it irritating the eyes? Thanks x
  18. R

    Lash extensions training help

    Hey! I’m after a few bits of advice regarding training in lash extensions. I’ve never had them myself so I have no idea where to begin! The questions I have are -what technique to train in? I’ve seen a fair few different ways and not sure what makes them differe, such as express, classic and...
  19. monicaselena

    Question about clients eyelash retention

    Hello! I just filled my clients lashes yesterday. I used ebl Grand Rapids lash glue and I had a 30% humidity which from the website said it was an ideal humidity level. She sent me a message saying a whole bunch fell out . I just opened the bottle with her set ! She did get her brows done...
  20. B

    Eyelash extensions coming off

    Hello everyone I have not been doing eyelashes for a long time, I can do a nice set and it takes me around 2.5 hours as this is not something I do every day. However I’ve noticed once I’ve finished my set and I brush through the clients lashes, loads of lashes come off and I’m not sure why as...