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May 1, 2012
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Hi! I'm hoping some/any of you can help me get my PMA back..

I've done my second set of lashes since doing my course Tuesday before last, and it took me 3.5 hours to do an O.K. set!!! There was definitely room for plenty more lashes...I did let my friend know this, I didn't want her thinking that was as good as it was going to get!

Has anyone got any ideas of how I can practise the technique without my friends getting bored and agitated of lying down for that long?

I was thinking about just doing the corners for a flare look, so it wouldn't take so long to complete...but is this even possible?

I know practise makes perfect, but I think word is going to soon get out how long I'm taking and all those friends who were rushing to offer themselves as guinea pigs may now find themselves busy :eek:

Hope someone can help!!!
I feel exactly the same!

I did my lash course over two months ago, and have only practised twice. I really want to offer this treatment, but I find myself getting so frustrated whilst practicing.

I'm aware that it's a treatment that takes skill and a lot of practice, but it's hard to find friend who are willing to lay down and give up a few hours of their day.

Time to give myself a kick up the bum and get stuck in!

Good luck :) xx
Thanks! You too...I'm hoping some of the Lash experts on here can help out. Who knows, maybe eventually we'll be the ones doing the helping :wink2:
Fingers crossed :) And thank you xx
I am no way an expert lol I have done about 15 sets but if you stick with it you do find you get better each time you do a set. I have been doing mine half price and tell my clients I am newly trained. They seem happy and I am getting practice. You can do a partial set and give them a rest sit them up etc or even finish them the next day xxx
Thanks for the encouragement - when you say partial sets, do you mean just do the corners, or just have a break in between doing a full set?

I think I might start practising on strip lashes, maybe I'll at least get a flow going, maybe!?!?!

When I started doing my case studies for my certificate I would do up to 2 hours (depending on client comfort) and do as many as I could in that time. This worked for me because each time I was putting more lashes on in the same time. I couldn't work for 3 1/2 hours on the one person I'd have a splitting headache and they would be so fidgety it would be difficult to complete a set.

So I would advise that, pick a time convenient to you or your model and stick to that. Even if your first sets are sparse, it's normal you're learning! Don't worry about it just say to your friends that they'll get more lashes next time :)

Air x
Thanks Air! That's a good idea, at least I can see I'm (hopefully) making progress!
I dont do lashes, but if someone offered to do me a set for free or at cost I would jump at it even if they werent a full set and took 2 hours!!! I think that airendaie is right, set your self 2 hours per set and then just get as many on as you can!! I am just about to do my lash training and am already setting my self up with clients that I know will be happy to sit for 2 hours for a reduced price!
dont give up hon, its like anything it will come with time and patience.
Our trainer told us to set 2hours aside also or to put 50 lashes on per eye (then up the ammount when confident) I stuck with the 2 hours, as by then im getting frustrated and my client is fidgeting. We were then told to offer a free infill to then client within 7 days so when they came back you could do another half hour to an hour and get more in. Its a really long process to be good and Im on like my 14th set and my lashes aren't looking full at all! When I'm feeling down and frustrated about it I come on here and go through people's lashes albums and think wow I can do that one day hehe xx
No I meant give yourself a time limit get as many as you can in that time. Then If they like them they can always come back another and you can add to them. 3.5 hours is a very long time to lie there I have a bad back and just couldn't lie there for that long. I am still quite new to lashes I do them half price. I don't think mine are good enough to charge full price yet. My clients have been chuffed to bits xx
I did the same as some of the other geeks are suggesting I did two hours on each of my case studies and it's amazing how quickly u start feeling more confident I offered this for free I'm now giving those guinea pigs the chance to have them done again half price as a thank-u to them, abit more practice for me and to prove there now gonna have a better set than the first time round! It's working really well! Good luck!x
This will go against everything you want to achieve but PUT SHORTER LASHES ON!

I'm sure you will ignore this advice as you want to create glam sets asap! LOL

The reason for this is that you can just put 20 or 30 lashes on each eye to start and they won't look all spidery and gappy. It will just make her own lashline look fuller.

You can then add some more (slightly longer if you want) the next week, and the same the following week and so on.

This gives you great practice and will let build up your experience whilst building up the lash sets. It means you and your clients aren't having to spend 3 hours at a time either. It's also a great way to get into the swing of infilling.
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100% agree with elliebees advice xx
Thanks EllieBee! I have been pondering all day...that's such a good, yet simple idea. You really are the master :wink2:

Have you done a hints and tips thread? If you did a book, I'd definitely buy it!!!!
Thanks EllieBee! I have been pondering all day...that's such a good, yet simple idea. You really are the master :wink2:

Have you done a hints and tips thread? If you did a book, I'd definitely buy it!!!!

Aw thank you! That is so kind.

No book, but if you do a search on here you will find loads of tips for free!!

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