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Aug 16, 2005
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Hi peeps,

I've been trying to find Le Chat online to order some more Nobility gel, but I can't find their web site !! Are they retailing throu another company or something ?

Any help will be much appreciated to save my sanity lol :green:
Clare xx
Contact Angel Fingers, she will know.

Angel Fingers is working on setting up a web shop, which will hopefully be running before too long, if that helps.
Hi there,

We have the same problem! I'm working in a beauty salon in UK and we can't order more gel anymore!! How can we make an order?
Can Someone help us as soon as posible?!!

Thank you!
Call Lechat 01603743400 (UK)
Do you have their catalogue?
I don't have any catalogue :( we just ordered from internet! :)
Thank you for the number!

How did u order from the internet? I dont have a catalogue either, well not a uk one. I do have the america one which doesnt inc prices. I have been in touch with somebody this wk who have said there is no longer a uk distributor. I have also contacted america and germany lechat. America have quoted a ridiculous price of postage almost £100 :O and Germany quoted aorund £20.... the germany site is nailsbylehcat.com i believe. I contacted number above which gave me a mob no. I am gutted, as i am only a small time user, and now it means i will have to order in bulk... if id have known this 6 mths ago when i did my training idf have trained in something else :(
hi i need to get some lechat products but for some reason cant find the uk website anymore or the phone number to ring them !
if any1 knows can u let me know

thankyou! :)
stil kno luck does anybody know????
As far as I am aware the distributors of Lechat in the UK have dissolved their company.
I don't know if there is another UK distributor going to take over, I am afraid meantime you may have to purchase direct from the main company in the US with all the shippping costs that may involve.
Possibly if you contact them by email they may have more information for you. LECHAT Nail Care Products
Maybe other Lechat users on here will be able to give you more up to date info than I can. I only found this out the other day myself by seeing it on a thread on here.
You could also contact Susan Loasby - AKA Angelfingers - she is an educator who uses Le Chat.
nailsbylechat.com - germany distributors, this is the cheapest place now to get lechat products but delivery is over £20 so best stock up.Americas site also sells lechat but delivery is so much more... I have been thru every channel. Susan Loasby may be able to help aka angelfingers (in my friends list). She has been very helpful. I am thinking of changing products due to this as it is not worth me buying from germany as i only ever need a small amount of stock :( which seems such ashame... i think it is very unlikely that there will be a uk distributor any time soon though...
the partners in the uk lechat distributorship have gone their seperate ways.

one of the partners may be able to carry on with the distributorship but its not a done deal yet.

i should hopefully have some stock which i can mail order in the next couple of weeks which should help see us through the interim period.
let me know if theres anything you particularly need.
Thank you, Susan, will PM you :)

no problem, always glad to help when i can.
Hi all
Le Chat is now being distributed through Ideal Beauty Products Ltd.
They are the distributors for the UK.
Ideal Beauty Products - Home
It isn't listed on the website just yet, but will be shortly!
However, all individuals and Salons can rest assured that Le Chat is now available in the UK for purchase, and that all training days will be posted ASAP.
All enquiries will be dealt with in the lead up to the launch and we hope that this may reassure all existing, and past users that Le Chat is now available for order as from today.
All enquiries may be sent to:
[email protected]
I hope this helps!
i have introduced this into my salon and so far am impressed would like to hear any hints and tips from other uses as i am replacing a product i did have great faith in like the sculpting gel would be interested to know if people are using this over tips and also havnt tried there l+p yet and would like to hear from people who have
There's lots of tips , tricks, pics and tutorials for lechat on my web and blog, all the links are below.

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