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Fifi La Fume

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Jun 28, 2005
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It's been a while since I've been on. I'm 27 weeks pregnant and can't wait (last time I posted we were going to Thailand - that's were I got pregnant)

Anyway, I've decided to concentrate on Reflexology and after I have the baby who knows. I stopped enjoying doing other treatments a long time ago.

I'm in the process of 'closing up shop' I've sold most of my bigger items here in Ireland - electric bed, hot stone kit etc. Over the next few days I'll be setting up an ebay page selling things like my nail trainer, Nailite products (over 100 polishes not even opened), different gel systems to practise with, facial bits and pieces.......I'll let you all know when I have it up and running. There's lots of bits n' pieces that would be handy for someone starting up.

Sorry to the moderator if this is the wrong place to post on...
good luck hun and enjoy your baby when it arrives (and I've moved this to chit chat\!) :hug:
Good luck with everything, what lovely news about your impending motherhood.......:hug:
Take care francesXXX, good luck with everything and stay in touch when you can :hug:
Good luck with the baby!,
Do let us know when you have your ebay page up and running, I need a nail trainer and wouldnt mind some enamels!
Good luck hun....i was wondering where you had been:hug:
good luck hun enjoy the rest before baby comes!!!!! send pic on here when he/she pops out!!!!!!:hug:
Good luck and good luck for baby!! x
Good luck for the future, whatever you decide to do. Enjoy your new baby when he or she arrives, and don't forget, WE WANT PICTURES!! :hug:
All the best in the future.:hug:

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