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I have decided not to do extensions on anyone under the age of 16 as most of the time they have raging hormones which will have who knows what effect on their nails - if they all fall off due to hormones then it is my reputation - they wont take responsibility.

However I have done silk wraps on a 13 year old for a school do but her mum came with her and I was able to explain all the dos and donts to both of them.

That is just my feelings.
OK... I have a client... school girl. Acrylics are very cool and trendy at school at the moment - all the 'cool' girls are getting them done.
To consider another point in this discussion - schoolgirls.
How do you all feel about doing a set on nails on a schoolgirl - and I'm talking about as young as 13 now :rolleyes: !!!
I'm I just getting old before my time; and being a right old fuddy-duddy/prud (at 28 yrs old)?
Is it just me who is concerned with being asked by these kids (& sometings their parents) to put nails on them?
Do any of you have an age limit for who you will work on & who you deem to be too young :?:
Of course parent's permission is needed legally to perform a nail service on an under 16 year old, but dont forget ..... those teens have more disposable income than their parents sometimes and anyone in business would be short sighted to ignore this segment of the market which is HUGE!

These consumers want it all ... NOW ... they often drive the market forward with their demands which are different to those of their mothers.
On the edge nail art and the latest trends etc... they keep us on our toes.


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Jan 12, 2003
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OK... I have a client... school girl. Acrylics are very cool and trendy at school at the moment - all the 'cool' girls are getting them done.

One client has a friend who goes to another salon in town. Salon is new... has 5 stations, about 2 techs, newbies... I've seen the work and it's pretttty poor. Anyways... this girl pays $35 for infills... same price as me. She pays $10 for polish, $10 for nail art and $10 if she wants her nails shortened... ends up costing her around $70 each fortnight for what I provide for $35.

So my client says 'hey thats really stupid, come to Michelle' and the girls answer????

"Oh I couldn't - the girls there are really NICE"

Just goes to show you can do crap nails but if you have the right personality you've made it!!
:D I was truly the pitts when I first got my license in 1986 (or was it 85?)
My magnetic attraction was attributable to my super-duper service-attitude, long massage, politeness, and perks. (like tea, coffee, danish, muffins) The nails I did then were soooooo thick, you'd have to do a double-triple take! (and we had no drills back then!) It took me 3 hours a set and my ladies put up with me. I wasn't cheap either. Back then we could wax eyebrows. I was exceptionally good at waxing & tweezing eyebrows so I did that as a perk as well. Attitude/Manners/Image can help you fake it till you make it! That's for sure!!

Attitude/Manners/Image can help you fake it till you make it! That's for sure!!

That is so true.
I can totally understand what you're saying Michelle. I have client who comes to me solely for nail art as she gets her nails done by someone else who has been doing them for years (before I even started). Her nails are awful - they're all lumpy and bumpy (she has gel) but it's like my client doesn't even notice!!! :rolleyes:

I asked her why she just doesn't come to me for everything but she just says that she feels funny as this woman has done her nails for so long she doesn't want to be disloyal!!! :evil: To make matters worse she gets married in September and I'm afraid that all I'll be looking at is her lumpy nails!!!!!
Hi Kelly
I know what you mean my sister in law has gel nails and has done by the same tech for a long time..........she is to far away from me for me to do them but............they are really bad lumps and bumps all over the place.
My sister in law came to Olympia with me and I even met the tech who done her nails :shock: ........ I so wanted to say something but my sister in law thinks she is the best thing since sliced bread :(
What I cant understand is that she has been doing nails for years and not improving at all :rolleyes:
So as you say its loyalty at a price.
Take care Dawnie xx
The problem around here is badmouthing-and I am not talking about the clients. The nailtechs are so nasty around here :twisted: You cant trust anyone. I hear stuff all the time, where someone heard so and so from someone else about their nails. I am the only nail tech in a very small town and it is very hard to earn peoples trust,(because I am not from here) but I had a buch of new clients from a girl in another town and she badmouthed me :puke: and made them feel very guilty for leaving her, so they left and went back to her.(even though her nails were sad)
I get so mad when people say "spend your $ locally" and then they go to another town to get their nails done.
I do specials all the time and people still think my prices are too high. $30 a full set and $40 for p&w's. Whatever! I guess I have a bad attitude this morning, but it is 5 am here. Cant sleep! :shocker:

You shouldn't have to do specials to get clients. Never drop your price that much because at the end of the day you have to pay for quality in whatever you buy whether it's a pair of shoes or a service. You have to pay to get quality education so they should have to pay to receive a quality service from you!!!!!!

I assume $30 is roughly about £22-£25 :? Not sure whether that's correct but that's really good! I work from home and I charge £28 for a full set and £34 for p&w. So there's nothing wrong with your prices.

As for people badmouthing you - they're just jealous :gun:
As my Mum used to say
If you aint got nothing nice to say, dont say anything at all

I honestly think that the only time I would and have commented about another Technicians work, would be the use of the dreaded MMA.
And then it would be in connection with, drill damage or something horribly wrong with their nails. I have client handouts fromBeautyTech.com, with regards to MMA and just give them that and then they can make up there own mind.
As for techniques or standard of work, nope no comment to my clients, hey who am I to burst there bubble.
Client loyalty is great, I appreciate that they appreciate me and it's nice to be nice.
Love Ruth
,,,, you a lady - BUT - I don't mean but in a bad way... you are confident in what you do -to be honest that's all you need - talent, know-how and confidence!!! :oops:
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