Letters for prom nails & tans


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I would like to put together a letter to go out to schools for the prom season offering nails and tans to the young girls at a special rate,
i don't have any contacts with people in schools or mums of teenage girls so could do with some ideas on the wording of a letter,
have any of you done this in the past, do you have a letter that i could have a look at for some ideas,
and those of you that have done this in the past did you get a good response?


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Definitely a good market to aim for. My daughter will be leaving school this year and all the girls are already planning their prom outfits, so I've told her to let everyone know they can come to me! :green:

However I'm not too sure how you would go about advertising specificay to them though. I suppose you could always contact the school and ask for details of the organisers.


Great idea!

Not sure how much schools would be willing to pass on your advertising message for you, but maybe they have a newsletter you could advertise in?

Also, if there are any places such as post offices near to particular schools that allow you to pay to put an advertising poster up this can be a good idea as students tend to congregate at any places that sells treats both before, during and after school.

If there are schools around you with a sixth form in them, then they usuallly have a seperate common area / canteen and so the school may let you put up a poster in there to advertise as those canteen areas are usually permanent whereas the ones they use for the rest of the school are usually main halls converted into lunch rooms.

Also if there is a school near you with a big sports scene (ie that has a few sports teams and maybe even rents space to the public after hours), you may be able to advertise there as many of the people there are well involved with the school.