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Aug 13, 2003
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Penryn, Cornwall
10 days ago I did a set of nails for a good friend and she has called to say that they started to lift on day 5 or 6. I have not had this problem before, but this is only the second (and probably the last) time I have used Star Nails Performance acrylic. :( ( I go creative this wednesday!!) :D

Until I get to my creative conversion, could anyone give me any hints as to why this has happened - I am confident that my prep was good as I was showing someone else the tecniques and was extremely thorough. And surely if it was prep it would lift after just 1 or 2 days - not 5 or 6?

Help please all you geeks & geekettes
It really is next to impossible to answer a question of this sort as there are so many different reasons why lifting occurs. Also on a message board it is impossible to see the nails and the lifting, which can often give clues as to the whys and wherefors. It will be a case of 'solve the mystery' between you and your client.

You obviously don't think is was the prep so you'll have to ask questions.
What condition were her nails in at the start of the service?
What is she doing with her hands?
Are the enhancements too long for whatever she is doing with her hands? This often does not mean the nails are long by some standards, just too long for her and her activity level.
What sort of pressure are the nails undergoing?
Is she using any creams with mineral oil in them that are dehydrating the enhancements?
Is she regularly using something like SolarOil to keep the enhancements moisturised?

There are just so many things that could contribute to lifting that may not be anything to do with you. I would need to know much more before I could give an answer.
thanks geeg-

well she SAYS she has used cuticle oil (a good one - jojoba based)
she has not immersed in water, but has washed daughter's hair
they are really very short sculpted nails - barely over the end of her fingers - but she has broken one so maybe there has been some pressure. I am thrown by the fact that the lifting did not start until day 5.

Could it be the product? Maybe I have the mix wrong? what advice should I give her? What other questions to ask her - I am stumped!

I'll have a look at them tomorrow - what clues should I look for.
Hi there

A lot of people think that performance self levels and that you don't need to do much with it. What you need to do is press and smooth the product and it needs to be like the consistancy of soft wax (does that make sense) baby presses around the base near the cuticle also.
l found alot of my lifting was due to the mix ratio and the stubborn layer very thin layer of cuticle that is on alot of clients nails especially the ones that haven't had their nails done before - you know when the cuticles are pushed back the layer you can't really see around the base. Try it and please tell me how your conversion went - one of those is on my Christmas list.
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