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Jun 11, 2012
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Peel, Isle of Man
I'm learning to do UV gel nails and need some help!!

My white tips are lifting off the real nail - can anybody please tell me what I'm doing wrong?

I buff the real nail, I file the white tips down to ensure they fit the nail, and I put the glue on the tip then apply lots of pressure!

Any advice would be great :)

Are the tips lifting before you apply the gel/acrylic? if so it may be that there is an air bubble under the tip caused by the nail glue, a rocking motion to apply the tip is better. hth:)
Also some adhesives require you to apply it to both the nail and the tip before then placing the tip onto the nail.

Are you learning at home or with a trainer? If with a trainer get them to watch how you're doing it and see what they pick up on.
what adhesive are you using? maybe its that xx
On myself, my tips sometimes come apart from the nail after they've been on about a week..
I've had this happen on a few people after about a week or so:/ The natural tip i had glued and blended lifted away from the natural nail and thus made the whole nail lift:/ I have since switched nail adhesive and I think it's working:p Haven't been doing alot of sets lately because of other work.
On myself, my tips sometimes come apart from the nail after they've been on about a week..

This could be caused by improper prep work, or Gel application. It takes a little time to master how to apply the gel. 2 or 3 thinner applications are better then 1 thicker application. If you put gel on too thickly, it will not cure properly. This can also cause lifting.

My gel application is....

First very thin layer and work it into the nail to give a strong bond
2nd layer is slightly thicker, but not too thick.
3rd is build up the apex and stress area.
very thin layer over it all like a polish.
file the top to make your final shape
Gel Topcoat

Many factors to why an extensions lifts
Hi - I'm a newbie at doing uv nails and need some advice!

I'm finding that the white tips are lifting from the real nail, leaving a gap and they're breaking off easily.

I buff the real nail, and i file the sides of the white tips so they fit, I apply glue to the white tip and then apply with force. (I haven't noticed the lifting at this stage)

I then apply primer and cure 2 mins. Then I use the builder gel and cure that for 2-3 mins. Finally i use the top coat gel, and cure that for 2 mins, and sure enough I notice the tips have lifted.

Its a real shame cause my nails are looking pretty until I notice this, can anbody please tell me what I'm doing wrong?

any suggestions will be appreciated!! thank you
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What gel system are you using? X
I've been using IBD builder gel and a cheap primer and top coat
the gel is sticking well to the real nail and the white tip, it's the white tips that's lifting off the nail :s

Any advice? x
It could be that your tip sizing is out!

Could it be that your using tips that too big for the nails? If so the tip can start lifting away from the natural won't just happen over night..but it will happen.
Thanks so much for the advice!

But i notice it happens straight away? :S

Do you have any tips on how to size the tip perfectly? thanks x
You have asked this question a couple of times before and had answers!

Have you done any training as this would have been covered?
I haven't asked how to size the tips before.... :S

No I haven't had any formal training, I'm learning the basics at home at looking at going on a course next year.

If you can't give tips on how to size the tip correctly that's fine...
If you can't give tips on how to size the tip correctly that's fine...

Salon Geek is for professionals so the level of advice is not aimed at beginners. Having said that the geeks are very helpful here if you are looking at getting the proper training and can advise on courses and products. Unqualified people are not banned and there is a specific consumer queries forum.

However i'm sure it's obvious that you aren't going to get busy salon professionals with their own business wanting to spend their time advising the public on how to carry out treatments on themselves!

I'm not trained or practicing myself but wanting to change careers over the next couple of years and have found this website a fantastic resource with lot's of factual information and many kind people willing to share their knowledge. I hope that I continue to be welcomed here as I'm respectful towards the professional ladies (and men!) who contribute to this site.
I appreaciate the website is for professionals don't get me wrong, but I have looked through many of the forums and there seem to be many basic questions being asked.

I'm simply looking for some basic advice myself, I understand some people wont want to "waste" their time answering something so basic, which is fine with me, but why post at all? ...

I'm simply hoping there is someone kind enough out there to remember what it was like starting out and will give me some pointers.
It's not the basic advice that you are asking that's the problem basic advice is asked very often and welcomed but your not in training so you won't get professional advice from professionals on trouble shooting or how to do nails as you are not in training and are just playing around with products at home.

If you did some training a lot of the trouble shooting questions will be answered.

Doing your own nails or other peoples is not recommended without adequate training as you could be harming your own nails or other peoples and that's with out the contraindications ie infections over filing and so on.
I'm simply looking for some basic advice myself, I understand some people wont want to "waste" their time answering something so basic

I think you have missed the point.

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