Light Acne scarring


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Sep 12, 2010
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Belfast-Northern Ireland
I have light acne scarring and I would really like to get rid of it, makes me feel very uncomfortable and I'd like not to have to worry about them if I go on holiday or something.

Would anyone be able to advise me on anything to take to help get rid of them?
Hi paula I find your post of interest as I have the same problem and not sure what to do. Be good to see what feedback comes back. I guess you could get facial treatments like microdermabrasion but it would need to be continuous XX
I was hoping to use creams so that it wouldn't be so costly lol.

I tried googling to see what I could find and came accross something but I'm not too sure whether it's been heard of before or not or if it's even any good, was maybe thinking of giving it a try.

Here's a link to the website
Acne Treatment products - ZENMED Derma Cleanse
my boyfriends got the same problem. not to sure what to use x
Hey i am the same!!

i went to the doctors to see if they would do something on the NHS and because it is no longer active they will not do anything!!

hope someone has a answer for us :eek:

Hayley x
Microdermabrasion is utterly brilliant for acne scarring, truly it is!
Is the scarring more of a pigmentation from the skin healing, if so then removal of the skin be it something superficial as microdermabrasion or something stronger would eventually help. Cream wise there are products out there that gets rid of pigmentation, you could try them. If it is scarring or pick axe then you would need something a bit more aggressive which is rather costly.
Thanks very much Smooth, that was very helpful for me :)
yea i have to say microdermabrasion. is the best for the light acne scarring , im getting great results with a male client at the mo the difference is unbelievable, ive been working with it for years and couldnt say anything bad about it. you would need a course of them though. Another option is daniello products which are glycollic they also work great for skin texture look them up.!!!!!
Definately microdermabrasion, great for repairing acne scarring x
I've had Microdermabrasion in the past and it really helped my skin.

I had a course of 10 but could start to see a difference after the first treatment and it just got better after each one.

If you register with groupon (who advertise on this site) there are regularly offers on for this treatment in your area.

Pity you're not in glasgow as the offer yesterday was 6 treatments for £42!
Microdermabrasion is excellent combined with Dermarolling followed by infra-red LED treatments such as Omnilux treatments.


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