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Oct 5, 2004
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Saw this on TV today...its a fab idea....beauty therapists offer there services as volunteers one afternoon every 2 months to women who have suffered with cancer.

Its a group meeting thing and the film shown on TV looked fantastic...

They offer help and advise on beauty tips...makeup, hair, wigs, ...etc....anything to make them look good and feel better.

It doesnt mention nails on there but i am going to enquire to offer my services of a quick manicure, what feels good for the face has got to feel good for your hands...eh !!...

here is a link....and there are details on there for anyone who wishes to be a volunteer.

Become a LGFB volunteer
What a nice idea :hug:
Brilliant idea.:hug:
I give my mum pedis but nothing else atm. Her natural nails are still fab even though she's had as much treatment as possible.
I have bought her 4 wigs but they are pretty uncomfortable for her because she has very little hair and not being a hair geek I've not got much idea tbh.
I would love to be able to be of help to someone else in this situation....sometimes a daughter is too close and a tech who can be a friend would be better.
how lovely...what a great idea... xxxxxx
What a great idea :)
have you seen the list of companies on there who donate products for the patients goody bags...its massive, would be great to see a few Nail related company names on there too....
I've done it!! What a great idea!!!!

My mum used to go to a hospice once a week where there would be therapist doing beauty, nails, massage etc......I know when my mum was alive her appearance was very important to her, even after she had an op to remove a tumour on her brain the next day, she requested all her jewellery and makeup was put back on, when she lost her hair she lost a lot of confidence and the manicure's and treatments she received at the local hospice really gave her a boost as she was a full makeup woman, what ever the situation. so if it can be more widely accessible then this would be fantastic.
See there is good in everyone I love what i do!!!
Great thread Angie, I have voulenteered (sp).
Cheers for the link hun, i have put my application in to be a volunteer :hug:
I think thats a fantastic way to give something back well done you. I don't have any experience yet but would be interested to hear what you get back re nails

I had a reply email this morning thanking me for signing up, but they dont currently have anyone doing nails and dont have any plans for the future either!
Oh well!

i would love to do this but it says the nearest workshop to me is in carlisle ? i cant go that far up north , i just havent got the time ,
am gutted coz i have wanted to do something like this for ages
i do a similer thing with children hospices near me, pamper the carers who are there for rest bite care, it is very rewarding.

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