Looking at moving on from Eve Taylor. Any suggestions?


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Jan 27, 2009
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Hey geeks. I've been using Eve Taylor for my skincare and body treatments but im not finding it's selling very well or that I can say I really rave about the skincare.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
I've looked at
Matis (retail profit margins aren't very good)
Dermalogica (love it but dont have 2k to blow)
Gerrards (liked some of it and thought body care was also good)

does anyone have any other suggestions?

I'm just about to start doing facials and am looking for a range. I've looked at ET and am seriously thinking of using this range. What is it that you don't like about it? Do you get good results from it?

The other ranges I've looked at are Moor Spa, Monu and Jean Marin. All have no start up and seem to be lovely products. I just like the aromatherapy based range that ET offer. If you want to know anything about these ranges, pm me.

Hope this helps
I love Susan Molynuex, I'm finding it retail's really well as they are good products. I give out a couple of samples when I do the facial's and that helps.
I use this French range and looooove it. Awesome results, great margins and no minimum order. Can't comment on Eve Taylor as I havn't tried it but wouldn't hesitate to recommend RL. Contact Sophie at www.sparklecosmetics.co.uk

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