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Dec 16, 2003
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Bondsville, West Yorkshire
errr...went to see regular customer last nite to put nail art for her jollies..and yet again nail number 5 (my name for thumb on right hand) has come clean off again - this is the 5th time this has happened :cry: . I think its down to the fact that her free edge is vertually missing in the left hand corner of the nail and it just doesn't grow. I have never attempting sculpting yet but I think this is going to be the only solution but still problematic as where the nail doesn't grow any more it this area is almost bedded to the skin with nowhere I could put my form under - or thats how I see it at the moment - any ideas's.

This is driving me mad as all the other enhancements are fine and dandy
I had a similar problem with a client...all the other nails were always perfect but one thumb missing...i went through everything i could think of and she swore she had no idea why only this nail...until she realised she was using it to open her car boot!!! She stopped that and hey surprise surprise no more probs lol
Hmm I had similar thoughts, but I am sure its linked to an completely missing part of the free edge through an old injury...Really need to solve this and have a happy thumb nail all long and beautifull like the other pinkies...
I have an old injury (very old) the result of which is that there is a whole side wall missing on my left hand thumb. It is a fact of life that this enhancement of mine needs replacing more often than the rest which basically never need to be replaced. Sometimes you CANT change things ... sometimes you can.

Sculpting would be a positive thing to try, as the enhancement will be all in one unit with no weak area where the adhesive is. But if this doesn't work 100%, the client will have to learn to live with it needing more maintenance than the others.

I had a similar client once with a similar problem and we worked out that this was the thumb she used to 'flick' her lighter whenever she lit a cigarette!! Maybe an idea?? Any unusual pressure on this thumb will tend to cause the enhancement to lift.
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