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Aug 13, 2009
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I have done three Mailchimp emails. I find it OK to use, especially once I had done the first one.

What I'm looking for is how do you find it helps you? I wouldn't say I have seen a boost in sales of the things I feature on my email, I did a paragraph on my Facebook page and didn't really see any new likers, and I wouldn't even say I noticed a "lift" in bookings from it. I do, however, get some clients saying "I got your email and liked it!" So I know people are recieving it and reading it.

Do you have any tried and tested methods with it? Do you find certain things encourages clients to click, like, buy or book in?

Thanks in advance x
I suppose you need to decide first what you're trying to achieve with each message - get people to visit your fb page, get people to take up a special offer etc. That way you can measure your success against your plan.

It will probably take a while to develop and evolve. You will learn as you go.

It's great that you're getting positive feedback from customers already.
Thanks for the post! It's very timely...
No. I haven't used it yet. But it's one of the things I've been discussing and I'm compiling my client list onto Excel ready for MailChimp. I was mainly thinking of using it to 'raise my profile' and alongside any offers, there would be news about new ideas/products/perspectives etc in the industry.

I had been writing individually to 'old' clients, but I really think snail mail is going to be redundant soon - due to the cost of post. I do have quite a number though of clients who don't use e-mail - and they will get the newsletter sent out as usual.

As it's free for under 1,000 (?) I can't see there's much to lose to work with it for a few months and see how it goes.

Maybe you could specifically ask your clients for feedback on your next mail out to see if they are getting what they actually want to read?

I have been experimenting with my emails under the tutelage of a friend with extensive knowledge of marketing.
I find I have more success when I send out dry emails with no offers on them!
I did a "we sell Dermalogica" one, and the next day 8 facials booked in.

The biggest success I had was my gift voucher sale one, it hit about 49% open rate and generated amazing sales on the day.

I agonise over the titles etc tho, and get really upset when people ( that means YOU Kim) don't open them!
I get even more upset when people unsubscribe!
TBH, I don't really do offers. I haven't really had sufficient interest in any thta I've run to make much difference - and people still come. But I do a lot of unsexy stuff......

That's why, like you Persianista, it's more about the info - a NEWSLETTER. e.g. I listened to a webinar on microcurrent today - and there's a lot of info in that which would be good to disseminate to clients (or even tell them....)

What is 'open rate'? Not an expression I'm familiar with....

Are you sending your e-mails straight from your personal account?

I use mailchimp, not a personal account.
Your open rate is the amount of emails opened, rather than ignored. Mailchimp has reports on these, and also the click through rate, for when people click on links you put in your email.
I get on ok with it...but it does drive me a little crazy, i must admit i am not very computer savvy, lol.

I have certain clients that absolutely love it and pretty much book their appointments by it, if i have an offer or even just some info on a treatment. I stopped sending emails for a while before because i didn't think it did anything for me but a few clients said they really missed it, so i started again.

I have no idea what makes a client open the email though. I think it helps if i have a bit more info on the heading rather than simply Flawless Beauty newsletter xx
I don't use mail chimp but I do use constant contact, a similar product.
I always get nervous when I send out an email because there will always be a couple of unsubscribes and I take that very personally!
It always, without exception draws in more custom, not necessarily for the offer but it kind of jogs people's memories.
I am interested in this. I heard mixed reviews about mail chimp. Can you put in images and things as I like sending "flyer" types? How much creative room do you have regarding features?
Email is still a good way to get in touch with people, even if it is losing favour a little to things like Facebook and Twitter.

The real benefit of Mailchimp comes in with the analytics they provide you with, which let you test the success of an email by performing A/B testing (mailchimp have got an article about it here: A/B Split Testing | MailChimp ). Basically, it just means that you can test various things, like the headline, or parts of the content, and see what works the best.
Very interesting and useful thread. Thanks for all the feedback, and I'm sure there are many of us who are reading this and taking note.

Excellent SGing!
I think mailchimp is fab!! For a mobile therapist it is so easy. You can create your own type of email. And as stated above, the analytics are really handy! It even shows you how many times people open it....! I have about 80% open rate and get alot of people booking my offer. Maybe we could add each other to our mailing lists ?? Give eschew other feedback? X

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Great thank you so much! Have to look into this before my salon space opens soon!
Dawn I do read yours!! It had been going to my junk for a while, but now it's redirected to my email. But I read it on my iPhone and someone said people who read them on phones it doesn't come up in your "opened" list??
Each time I do one, I try to do my product of the month, a feature on something we do in the salon (hair ups this month) and then a general newsy type piece. The one thing that drives me mad is that I can't do them on my iPad!
i use mailchimp and even though i dont have loads of success from it. i get a couple of clients from it and i like that it just reminds people that you are there. xx
I always find if you do something like 'tip of the month', clients really like it. They feel they feel get something from it even if they didn't book anything. And then when they need a treatment they always think back to the email. X

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Oh no why can't you do it on an iPad? I do all my work on my iPad in the office almost. Is there any other program or is this the best?? I do like that you can analyse it.
Each time I do one, I try to do my product of the month, a feature on something we do in the salon (hair ups this month) and then a general newsy type piece. The one thing that drives me mad is that I can't do them on my iPad!

Oh really, I am able to do it on my i ipad? Albeit it's easier on the laptop or computer. X

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