major nut allergy, can you recommend an alternative to Solar Oil?


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Sep 17, 2006
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hi everyone hope u all had a fab christmas i have just had a client who i preformed a full set on (using creative) but has a major nut allergie so i couldnt recommend solar oil and she is already finding her cuticles are dry and getting slight lifting which other product would you recommed? x
Hi, the issue of nut allergies and Solar oil comes up quite regularly - this is our oldest and probably longest thread about the issues and suggestions, hope it helps. If you want any more to read put 'nut allergy' in the search option and you'll get pages of reading to keep you occupied for hours :lol:
DR HAUSCHKA do a fabulous Neem Oil and I'm almost certain that there's no nut traces - but I'll double check tomorrow.
I got it as a gift from a client and, although I'm a BIG Solar Oil fan, I've got a couple of clients who don't like the almond smell :irked: - so I use it on them and it's lovely.
I'll keep you posted regarding the nut aspect .............
What about IBD's Lavender Cuticle Oil ? I dont think that has nuts in it !!
nsi nurture oil is fab...thats what i use xx
Nuture Oil (NSI) or Q-Tickles (Mad Beauty) are both good alternatives imo.
youngs rose oil, - sunflower oil and rose essential oil x
In my previous reply I recommended Dr Hauschka's Neem Oil.
However, it contains Peanut Oil, and therefore won't be suitable for your client with nut allergies.
So sorry about that. :smack:
I use NSI Nurture Oil as it seems to work weel for all my clients but best thing to do is email all of the top suppliers and they will advise you if they contain nuts.
NSI Nurture is a lovely, botanical oil, my clients love its delicate scent
EZflow do good alternative i cant for the life of me remeber what its called atpresent though as my tiddler ahs a nut allergy. But to be honest he hasnt reacted to solar oil as its the protein of the nut that people are allergic it to and its not the protein thats used in the oil .


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