Major wax pot help needed!!


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Oct 21, 2010
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Hi guys

I use Harley wax, hot wax, and have done for about 3 yes now. I have been using my small "clean and easy" pot which was fine. After moving into my own salon I realised due to demand I needed a bigger wax pot so wanted a 1000cc pot. I bought the options pot from beauty express I think they used to be hive, the 1st one blew the whole salon and the dental surgery next door and it was only on lever 2! The glue melted in the wax pot and the whole thing started to melt. They were great and replaced it straight away but the new one is on the dot before 1 and it's still too hot!!! On the point of burn! Is this something other pol have found and what big wax pots do ppl use for hot wax?! Any advice would be fab!!!! Thank you!
I have a hive heater and its normaly on 2 and a half 3 i think yours is faulty. X

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Thank you :) I said that to beauty express. What wax do you use?
Which pot is it? I've looked on Beauty Express website and can't find one called 'options'.
If it's the one that looks like a hive pot then I have one of those and have to have it on the very lowest setting and sometimes have to leave the lid off!
It's the one that looks like hive! I have now got then to come and pic that one up because I can't do intimate waxing with it that got, they did however want me to give them the inner container which has my wax in (I don't get it from beauty express) and wanted to offer me one of their waxes! What Wax do you use?
I used to use harley wax with it and it was fine on 2, 3. X

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