makeup & polishes for princess / diva parties


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Feb 22, 2010
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would be grateful if those who ran princess parties could let me know which brands of make up and nail polishes you use. im particularly looking for glitter / shimmer based products that actually stay on longer than the duration of the party so that the mums can actually see their daughters have had a makeover!
did a trial run party for my 2 nieces and their friends over the weekend with some makeup from claires and you basically couldnt see the eyeshadow at all after 30 mins, bit peeved as spent quite a lot on it and its obviously not going to be suitable
i was thinking of using barry m glitters, do you think this would be ok for ages 4+ or is there a mineral makeup glitter out there on the market
also what polishes do you use, was thinking of using my opis but think this may work out rather expensive in the long run
finally do you think teens would like the cnd colour and effects? havent actually got any yet but think sounds cool for this age group
many thanks x
have a look at ELF (, they are very reasonably priced, most products and £1.50 and they're good as well. They have a pretty big range so you might find stuff that you like there.

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