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Oct 27, 2011
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Girls I need your help : D
I have a lovely gentleman coming in the salon on Friday for a manicure for his wedding on Saturday !

Manicure fine and no problem... But he is a mechanic and apparently his hands and nails are dirty and stained, presumably oil.

Has anybody done this kind of manicure before and how would I get them sparkly clean ? And any tips for male manicure or would it just be the same ??

Thank you x
This may sound odd but it works - mix 2 tbsp baking soda and 1 tbsp salt in a bowl of hot water and ask the gentleman to soak his hands for 15 mins. The baking soda softens the skin and helps lift out ingrained dirt. You could also use the baking soda on it's own and rub it into his hands after the hand soak for a more intense treatment, then follow with a hand scrub if needed. I would probably cut and shape the nails prior to soaking / scrubbing as any dirt there would lift away easier. Do the rest of the treatment as normal and remember there's only so much you can do for this problem there may be some oil / dirt left but it will definately be a marked improvement. Good luck
I had exactly the same type of client for the same reason last year. A good start is a really good hand wash over a basin with a Swarfega and a nail brush.

That loosens lots of the stains on the skins (which are harder to deal with than the nails). Your usual scrub after a soak should get rid of the rest.

I then proceeded with a normal manicure routine but used an older buffer so that the nails were not too shiney.

I think it took me half an hour longer than a normal manicure to get all the dirt out of the sidewalls, cuticle area and under the free edge.

The only other thing I change a little when doing male manicures is the hand and finger massage. I am careful not to be suggestive :)

As Nadine says, they may not be perfect at the end, but they will be an awful lot better.
Yep totally agree with juicylucy on the massage!! Be very firm with your pressure and maybe a faster speed than normal
Thank you girls for your help fingers crossed I help this poor guy that's under instruction to look perfect !!!!! Xxxx

I'll let u know how it goes : ) x
Hi there, I did a manicure on a friend of my mum's who nails were badly stained through smoking & was astonished at how clean they came after the prep work I did with CND cuticle away - a total surprise! She'd never really had a proper manicure before so I assume the cuticle which must have been covering most of the nail plate acted as a barrier for the staining.

My other half is a mechanic and he uses swarfega every day, and when doing him a manicure I use a product called 'Bubble White' to soak his hands and nails in for about 10 minutes. I use a hard bristle nail brush to scrub his nails and skin every couple of minutes, and then I use Cuticle Away which also seems to help lift quite a bit of the oil and grease from the side walls etc.
They look a million times better after all that, so maybe give that a try hun! Also, I would advise him to wear latex gloves as much as he can leading up to the wedding, because that will help! (My other half just suggested that bit when I read him the thread!! lol )
HTH's :)
His Fiance probably has already told him to but instruct him to use the baking soda trick a few times at home before he comes in, this will make your job easier and quicker, therefore cheaper for him too
My husband is also a mechanic and he uses Barrier cream on his hands at work which can help with the removal of dirt afterwards. Gloves made his hands sweat too much.

Then a scrub with Solvol and hand soak... and follow steps as other peeps suggested already :)

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