Manicure & pedicure business gone quiet!


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Karan Kumar

Oct 26, 2015
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During these last few weeks I don't know if it is because of the winter period but I have not had as many customers. Does anyone have any suggestions in to how to generate more business during the winter period. Thank you. I use a dry manicure & pedicure system.
My mani business is way up for holiday nails and nail art. I also am offering special moisturizing pedis for winter months.
Okay great I think I need a better way to advertise or offer a special promotion to get the clients in
People are probably putting things off until December and buying Christmas prezzies etc. Make sure you are booking people appointments in before they leave. Mabye next year do a "pre Christmas" November offer or something. I've been quiet this year more than normal. But not to worry December should be busy! X
Maybe do an offer of a polish free pedicure? Many people still need there toenail clipped, hard skin removed but they don't want to spend the money on the polish since feet are in closed shoes. Spend more time on the massage and maybe call it ' Winter warmer pedicure treatment' or ' spend time on the nails adding a warm oil recovery treatment and sell it as ' Intense nail recovery pedicure treatment'. X
Thank you for your advice it is much appreciated. I think because I am using a new product I need to think of something new. Cheers

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