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Jan 16, 2004
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hi iv just had a call from a lady who wants a manicure and pedicure on the one appointment , im wondering what to do first the hands or feet if i do the hands the nail polish will get smudged etc when she takes her shoes and socks it might sound like a daft question?
just to add its a manicure on natural nails not enhancements

I'd say go for the pedicure first - that way if she forgets to wear open toed shoes the polish will have time to dry on her toes whilst you do her hands.
Get her to put her shoes back on just before you apply polish to her fingernails - that way she won't smudge her hands either!



When I do both like this, I usually start by putting the feet into soak, and while they are soaking, I start work on the hands. I then finish the hands before varnishing and move on to the feet. I complete the feet and then complete the painting of the fingernails.

This may not be ideal for some people but myself and most of my clients prefer this way of working. That way, the feet have time to dry whilst you are painting the fingers!

Hope this helps

I usually do pedicure service first....I advise my client to bring a pair of open toed shoes. The toenail enamel can then be drying whilst working on the manicure service.
I always help my client to fasten shoes etc, afterwards to eliminate (or try to.....there will always be one tho!) any fingernail enamel smudging.

I find I have fewer "accidents" this way. Although I do recall one lady who must have levered on her shoes with full force and then returned to me, holding up her fingernails and saying "oh dear....look what i did"
She never refuses my help after her man & ped now!!!!! bless her!

This is just the way I find easiest to incorporate the two services into one appointment.
Good luck...... whatever you do 1st!
hi thank you all for your replys ill be taking on board what youve said
:) :) :) lynda
Actually I do my manicure first - hands are way easier to smudge so they can be drying while she sits back, relaxes and at the end she can put her own shoes on!

I also give the toes a quick spritz of Solar Spray to help them dry more quickly!

And get her to pay at the beginning so she wont have to delve into her purse. Oh and also keep her car keys to hand too!
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