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Sep 19, 2010
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Hi Geeks,

Im looking to use St.Tropez manual tanning in my treatment room and am just wondering if anyone knows if they offer a course or if this is necessary?

The technique includes buffing as well I believe which Im unfamiliar with.

I am already qualified in Spray tanning so really just need to master the manual technique.

Can anyone help?
Your best to get in touch with st tropez. They do the training themselves and I'm sure for insurance you will have to do a course. Manual is different to spray tanning I have done st tropez manual and there airbrush system
Yes St Tropez do their own manual training and as said you would be wise to call them to find out any details.

The training was a day for me and very informative. I would say it is necessary to do the training because it's important to carry out a professional treatment and get a perfect result every time.

St troppez have a routine to their application and some parts of the body the tanning solution is mixed with moisturiser to get a good result and some aren't so it's knowing how to get the best out of the product and understanding the whole concept of the treatment,not just guessing.

I would know immediately if someone did a St Tropez manual tan on me and hasn't had any training.

Also the buffing stage is important,as all stages are,but it let's you leave the salon looking just as reasonable as someone who has been spray tanned whereas if this stage were missed out you would leave looking like a mud monster. Hth:biggrin:

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