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Jun 25, 2004
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Hastings, East Sussex
Hi all.

Am thinking of of doing eyelash extension training.

Is this a good company to use. There is a course running near to me in Ashford, Kent at Capital Hair and Beauty.

Wondered if the training was good and also is the kit good etc.

Any comments appreciated.
Hi there, i started with the marvel lash kit and its great to start off with, you can then decide if you want the eyelashes thicker or a diffrent colour and then you can buy from the other companies to see which ones you like.I started doing these eyelashes few months ago and its bit confusing to start with but you'll love it ! Go for it, x Roma
Hi Sam, i did my trainig with caledonian therapies in glasgow, they used marvel lash and its a good starter kit, i looked into other websites to see their range and bought some lashes from hollywood lashes, check out their website, i am mobile and untill xmas i am charging £48 for initial treatment, and then £30 for an infill every 2 - 3 weeks, i will also charge £1 per eyelash inbetween infills if clients pull any out by mistake ect!After xmas will review my prices and demand!I would def go for it esp it no-one else around doing them and with xmas coming up, party season!! u'll love them, hope this helps, let me know how you get on, Roma
I use marvel lash within my salon, i charge £99 - 2 hours for full set with free infills 2 weeks after, and £45 for half set - 1 hour plus £25 for infils 30 mins, I also market it for those who can't afford it £25 per 30 mins so i will put in as many as i can in 30 mins and tend to just put them in on the outside so they look dramatically different but not too strange....

The only thing is they don't do brown lashes - yet!

I did my training with

Hope this helps
manda xx
hiya Sam

you can get all the lashes etc seperate or in kits - i got the student kit but ordered a pair of the x tweezers, all from salons direct

have sent you a message with the answers to all your other questions.

hope this helps
manda xx
I trained with I lash great kit small classes and live models - and they are always on the other end of the phone
the caledonian do a marvel lash course or Glam lash course. they have it on special at £150 inc kit. Sallys / salon services also offer the same marvel lash course. or
I trained with I lash great kit small classes and live models - and they are always on the other end of the phone

Yep, me too!
I used marvel lashes in a salon I worked in, and to be honest I wasnt keen. That is just my opinion :hug: I found the lashes a bit "stiff" almost.
I have decised to do Marvel course on 7th October, the otherrs are too expensive which is such a shame but also in case it doesn't take off, hollywood lashes can supply to me if I don't get on with lashes as well. Thanks for all your info.
Did buy some lashes from boots that say they last 4 weeks, obviously needed to check them, clusteres and they were awful! x
I also trained with Caledonian in glasgow using Marvel Lashes but I am going to try out the new Glam Lashes. I think that the kit for the Marvel is ok but there glue is a bit globby and thick. Contact CTA and they can send you out samples of Glam lashes once you have trained.

Hi all, I am going to train as a beginner in eyelash extensions, I am unaware whom to train with...I have heard good reviews about Lash Perfect products also that the Marvel lash training is great for beginners.

Any way I would appreciate your feed back please.

Kent Beauty Academy in Ashford run Eyelash extension courses 01233 646060 or have a look on their website
i i live in Margate i did my training with marvel lash it was really good although i don't use any of the products :)
Hey I did my training back in September and they told me marvel lashes were a no go! Can't say myself as I haven't used the company but hope this helps
The thing about marvel lash is (as everyone keeps reminding us on here) they are cheap! And they look cheap! I bought some to practice with, I won't use them on clients! Most customers ask for a specific brand, if they've not heard of it they are often put off!

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