Masters Exam Sunday


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Well I don`t know where this post was hiding, I have to check this board daily to get my fix and I never saw it until now.
Come on Caz, let us know how you got on, I intend to do that EVENTUALLY...yes, eventually, it`ll probably take me forever
Debs x
oops Layla

Think I must've had one too many the night before trashed


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Aug 7, 2003
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sudbury suffolk
I am doing my masters sunday, so i am gonna be a good girl and stay in and study....

I am very nervous but also looking forward to it.

My exam is in Chelmsford and i would like to wish everyone else who is doing it good luck especially Charlotte and Julie who i ave had a laugh with on the course...

Hopefully i will be a master creative girl soon

Cazza :D :D
Good luck Cazza :D :D :D
You will be fab 8)
Enjoy the day ;)
love Ruth xxxx
Thinkin about you Caz!

Fingers (toes and everything you can feasibly cross!!) crossed!
Im sure you will be fine! :thumbsup:

Good luck Hun!
good luck :study:
It's now Sunday, hope all is going well for you Cazza, let us know how you got on, great I'm sure thumbsup

Sue x
:shock: :? :?: Its still saturday..... lol!!

Good luck Caz!! Kick sum booty!

Good Luck!!! You'll be fab.

Hi Caz

How did it go?

:D suey you nut :D
how did you get on caz? hope it went realy well!
nickki jonesx
Hi all

Sorry to keep you all in suspence...

oh my god the practical was hard.....

I was really confident in my theory but the practical i was soooo nervous. I dont think i passed reason being i needed a few more minutes to finish off... I had a nightmare with one of my sculpting forms trying to get it on my models finger this wasted some of my valuble time, also everytime i tried to get the form on this one finger my models finger kept rising up.....

Well i heard that 40 creative nail techs took the exam and only 3 have passed this year, so if i have failed i wont feel as bad but i will be gutted!!!

I did have a good learning day though and hopefully this has prepared me for if i need to retake the exam.

Cazza :( :(

P.s i bit all my nails off that day...
FatalAttraction said:
Well i heard that 40 creative nail techs took the exam and only 3 have passed this year, so if i have failed i wont feel as bad but i will be gutted!!!

I am doing my first Master Class this Sunday. OMG that must be some tough Qualification day if only 3 out of 40 will pass.

I might just go and bury my head in the sand now LOL.
Is that really true? I am hoping to do this ASAP - what exactly are they looking for in this practical? Sounds like I need to start practicing now?

Please let us know what they want you to do?

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
Hi ya

I think each hand is worth 95 points and i think you can only have 12 points off each hand, anything lower you will fail. The way the points add up is 0 1 2.

They look at the apex smile lines glue behind the nail, perfect fit of tip, your table set up has to be immaculate... Basically everything has to be perfect...

But it has to be perfect to be a master otherwise you cant call yourself a master unless it is perfect.

Cazza :D :D
omg , i got my masters at the end of october :D

now im bricking it :shock:
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